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Published:Sunday | November 1, 2020 | 12:08 AM

The croaker’s creed

My beauty isn’t defined by the texture of my skin,

Rebuked and repelled but there’s more deep within.

I may not be your favourite, I may never be your cup of tea,

But I’m wise beyond my years so take this from me:

Life is a cycle, take time to grow,

Adapt to life’s changes - both the highs and the lows.

Shed your old skin for renewal is key,

And amidst the chaos, make time to be free.

Find time to sleep in the midst of life’s misery,

Keep an eye opened, this is a world of trickery.

Appreciate life’s calmness, for you’ll find treats along the way.

Be still and watch as you capture your prey.

Be one with nature, get on outdoors!

Jump and prance, aim high and explore!

Find the beauty in things that others may never embrace,

You are an army, so take a leap of faith!

- Talya Henry


I felt it!

I felt it as I laid on my back in bed

One hand above my head,

I felt it as I ran my fingers across my chest

For comfort I rubbed my breast as I took my rest, and I felt it.

I felt it as fear and dread filled my head

As thoughts of death took my breath,

No! Maybe I felt it wrong

Yes! Denial will be my song

But I felt it and it was undeniable

Hard and round like a marble,

I felt it and the doctor felt it too

not just one lump but two

Don’t worry he said, you will be fine

We caught it just in time

Early detection is the key

I felt it and that surely saved me.

- Kavelle Hylton