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Tackling workplace challenges spiritually

Published:Sunday | January 10, 2021 | 12:05 AM

Whether you are an avid reader or not, you may consider reading Men and Women of God Arise in the Workplace and Conquer! How to Navigate The Seas of Jealousy, Envy and Sabotage. The central theme of this book by Kadeen Dobbs is to teach and train one’s mind, body and spirit to tackle the issues in the workplace, strategically and spiritually.

Dobbs uses her experiences encountered in the workplace while employed in Jamaica, The Bahamas and Canada to show others though her published book how to soar above obstacles that can appear insurmountable and challenging while on the job site.

How does one handle jealousy, envy and sabotage in the workplace? How does one handle bosses, managers, co-workers and supervisors who evoke emotions that can stir one to desire to behave unprofessionally?

“When faced with conflict at work, try to ascertain which of the two is coming at you, testing or tempting.” (page 38), says a line in the book. When you determine which of the two, you will be better equipped to handle the situation, not just at work but in life.

Too often, the approach to handle such undesirable situations is from the flesh rather than the spirit, and this book beautifully gives strategies and tools to handle oneself with professionalism when faced with opposition. Two such strategies are:

1. “Listen more. Talk less.” (page 65).

2. “Be forgiving. Being unforgiving hurts only one person – you! Being unforgiving affects two vital organs in your body: your heart and your mind.” (page 44).


This book is not just for men and women of God, it is for those, too, who do not have a relationship with Christ, and those who are aspiring to get closer to Him.

It is undoubtedly a step in the right direction, as Jesus is needed in every facet of one’s life, now more than ever as the world undergoes unchartered and uncertain times. This book is so rich with information, one will easily see by the first chapter that what is written can assist one to win, not just in the workplace but in life in general.

As the economy goes into a global recession, and perhaps depression, this book also encourages one to find their purpose as an entrepreneur. The author challenges its readers to begin the process of thinking beyond finding a job and rather finding what to “own” and become an employer rather than remaining an employee.

“God has placed us here to have and take dominion!”( an excerpt from book, page 83)

The writer’s candidness and vulnerability as she relayed personal experiences adds to the authenticity of the book and keeps the reader enthralled. Too busy to read? Then you are in luck. It is a quick read that can be done by the busiest of persons.

The workplace is where we spend most of our time, and, too frequently, it can be a place where the enemy seeks to destroy one’s peace.

Kadeen Dobbs is an educator and has a profound love for reading. She says that it is her desire that this book makes positive impact on the readers.

Dobbs’ website is: Her articles reflect a self-revelatory discovery about a plethora of spiritual topics.

Men and Women of God Arise in the Workplace and Conquer! How to Navigate the Seas of Jealousy, Envy and Sabotage is 92 pages in paperback version and 70 pages as an e-book, and is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and iTunes.