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How one man is doing his part in helping others be ‘Mind Full’

Published:Sunday | February 21, 2021 | 12:16 AMCrystal Calvert - Contributor
Mind Fullness
Mind Fullness

You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you

– Maya Angelou

When asked what was his inspiration to write and publish his new book, Christopher St Patrick Brown said it was the quote above by the inspirational legend, Maya Angelou, and the support from his family and friends that led him to answer his innermost desire to write. While some authors dream of publishing a bestseller to collect the accolades and wealth that come with the title, Mr Brown’s dream is for the words of his book to touch others the way they have touched him. He hopes to positively influence and bless others with his work.

Mind Fullness: Connecting Inside Out was published on on December 14, 2020, and quickly climbed to the top of the charts, much to the surprise of the author. The book dominated the self-help short reads and motivational self-help categories even before it was officially launched. It peaked at number 1 the day after it was published.

A book of quotes on love, life, and faith, written with the aim of provoking, inspiring, and motivating readers worldwide, Mind Fullness is an engaging and entertaining read that will help you to connect your thoughts with all that is going on around you. It is focused on helping you connect with your inner man. You will find that the quotes in the book cover a wide range of topics that will show you how much the thoughts flowing through our brains are linked to the world around us. For example, the world is in turmoil because of the current pandemic, and the author included a few quotes on the topic in his book. One of my favourite quotes in the book somehow links the restrictions resulting from the pandemic to how each and every one of us started our lives in this world.

“I am used to being lockdown. I spent the first nine months of my life in quarantine. Had I ventured out before it was reasonably safe to do so, we would not be interacting in this kind of way. Be patient and develop yourself until it is your day,” says Brown. He has the gift of provoking our minds to see the ever-present parallel between us and everything around us. I dare you to not be intrigued by his words.

- Love: Odds are that if you are reading these few lines, you will allow me to quickly share with you a thing – or quite possibly, two. One is, I love you, and secondly, only you.

- Life: Until you have discovered your own voice, then expect noisy conditions whenever you are challenged to make an important choice.

- Faith: I am neither ancient nor am I prescient; I know and can foresee that without God in the midst, one’s failure is imminent.

These are some quotes you can expect to find in Mind Fullness: Connecting Inside Out. The three major categories make it possible for anyone to enjoy the book as they are topics we can all relate to regardless of the stage we are at in life.

It will surprise readers to know that Mr Brown has a background in law enforcement, with decades of experience in the field. His ability to pour such thought-provoking words into his book is a result of the encouragement he received from his grandmothers to read from a very young age. He is also a trained teacher, and he understands how important it is to connect with an audience.

Choosing to focus on writing, which is what he loves most, Mr Brown sought the help of the publishing consultant at QSC Creative Media & Publishing with developmental editing, formatting, book cover concept and design, publishing preparation, and eventually, with publishing the book on He states that their work in getting the book ready and launched played a significant role in it making such a huge mark in such a short space of time. Things he underestimated, such as category and keyword selection, and even having a launch plan, were crucial to the book’s success.

According to Brown, the most challenging part of publishing his book was the actual publishing process. “Publishing a book can be quite tedious without guidance from someone who is familiar with best practices. I am happy I sought help,” he states. “I would advise aspiring authors to seek help early as it will prevent a lot of frustration.”

Mind Fullness: Connecting Inside and Out by Christopher S Patrick Brown is currently available in eBook and paperback formats on One simply has to download the free Kindle app on a phone or table or use Amazon’s cloud reader on a laptop or desktop computer to read the book.

Fill your minds with gratitude, acceptance, and love. Be fully present in each moment and connect with your inner self. This book is a must-read that you will not regret.

Once you prioritize these Cs – Communication, Celebration, and Connection – in all living aspects, you will attract success and lead a life without regrets.

Happy reading!

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