Sun | Oct 24, 2021

Prayers for inspiration and miracles

Published:Sunday | July 4, 2021 | 12:06 AM

Testimonies of the Miraculous and Supernatural by Sophia Erskine.
Testimonies of the Miraculous and Supernatural by Sophia Erskine.

This book was birthed, says the author, Sophia Erskine, out of her relationship with God and her need to communicate with Him for inspiration, direction, guidance, and sustenance. Prayer has become her daily bread. Testimonies of the Miraculous and Supernatural is filled with more than 90 testimonies of people who God allowed her to pray for and whose prayers were answered.

One prayer in particular that was answered was that of her hairstylist. Her daughter had been on the brink of death, and God, through His miraculous power, saved her instantaneously. Others who were having health, relational issues and financial problems found solutions. The author says she has seen the power of the supernatural in operation in the everyday life of ordinary people like her.

“The purpose of this book is to renew and restore hope to people who are seeking answers and are in despair,” said Erskine. “The book is a reminder that God is still concerned in the affairs of men. His desire is to meet each and everyone at the place of our needs. This book will inspire people to pray and believe in the supernatural God, regardless of status fame or fortune, as we are well aware problems, sickness, death, relational issues or financial crisis is not a respecter of persons.”

Testimonies of the Miraculous and Supernatural by Sophia Erskine is on Amazon top 100 best-sellers list. This book is about the King and His kingdom, and it teaches you how to access the throne room of God and how to walk in the supernatural realm. The book is available on Amazon.