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Published:Sunday | July 25, 2021 | 12:08 AM

Still breathing

Fell from a branch,

If my world was a tree,

I lost my roots

and all my leaves

The sun had become ice

the rain couldn’t find its way,

I know I would die

but I made up my mind,

just not today

Then out from the repressed sky,

a storm was born,

My thoughts, desolate

I guessed this was it,

But all that came was the rain

when I thought, floods

but the winds miraculously blew me to a hill top,

and my seeds got sowed from the sharp edged hails that had dropped

This tragedy became my remedy

and I found myself

no longer in hell,

Roots sprouted,


Leaves and flowers

from these unwelcome showers,

Here I am,

standing and sprouting,


I am here

after I “died”,

I am alive,

Ready and waiting,

fearless in anticipating

any given day,

when I can say,

I’m still breathing.

– Angela Yap Chung


That peedio thing

P-A-E-D-O don’t stop yet till Lisa sey so

P-H-I-L-I-A Paedophilia yes!! that’s it’s name

Don’t take it; don’t tek it for a joke

It crush many hearts and thwart many souls

Every parent should know its name

Don’t mek yu ignorance leave yu chile in shame

It was Friday, February 25; an I took my place in sponsorship line

I said Mam I got no response

A want di update on my funding letter

She found har most condescending smile

Like she tink mi did look like suppen meek an mild

Right yes I was to give yu a ring

You sent the letter on that … peedio thing

I said to miself, so yu tink dis is cute

I hope nobody doan try molest your yute

Cause I can only imagine your response

Oh Junior doan mine is jus one likkle touch

Oh Suzie, how yu can cry cry so chile

Is jus spy im spy, how yu so shy?

Sorry, the Manager won’t be able to assist

Have you sent other letters; I hope one will say yes

She gave me a pat if to sey poor lickle ting

An yu likkle student project on that … peedio thing

Ida like fi sey, Ms. Ignorance in suit

Wey yu find so funny, no gosso fi di yute

Paedophilia mash up nuff pickney life

It bring disgrace an cause suicide

An more often dan not di offender is known

Often a family member living in your home

Cause incest, often a continuum

Of paedophilia, so yu gwaan show gum

Sometimes dem tek di pickney life dem taint

‘Father accused of killing daughter

after she filed incest complaint’

Observer headline not my imagining

Eleven-year-old dead choo that … peedio thing

Get ice picking choo that peedio thing

Parents, ignorance is not a part of the plan

Speak to your child bout child molestation

Talk to dem bout good and bad touches

Doan mek adults use them like paint brushes!

Tell dem if a stranger try fi touch

Don’t hesitate before dem gi dem a run

Paedophilia is a worldwide thing

Not just a White man or Uncle Sam ting

Paedophilia often continnum of incest

Careful, how they pose as step-parents

Paedophilia and Incest often run in each other

Careful of even some family members

Use your head and protect your suckling

An doan ever … refer to this issue … as that … peedio thing


– Lisa Gaye Taylor


An ungrateful people

Father God, I am sure to you it must be frustrating

That nothing you do for us your children to us is ever pleasing

If you cover your land with brilliant sunshine

We complain of the heat of the time

You are never thanked for the beautiful day,

and the great energy source

which for our survival is essential and a matter of course

If you cover the land with clouds to make it cooler

We complain of the darkness and that it will rain not later but sooner

If time passes and over the land there is no rain

We complain of the drought and the damage to our cattle and grains

If you send the rain lightly in some areas and not on others

We complain that some people are blessed and others are sinners

If you send heavy rains on all the land

We complain of the cruel blow dealt to our homes and our crops

by your hand

If a hurricane is threatened and we are told to be prepared

some of us do nothing as we feel the island will be spared

If the hurricane hits and we experience damage to our possessions

then we expect the Government to make restitution

Forgetting that if we disobey we will have to pay

Father! If through prayers and supplications you change its direction

We blame the Meteorological office for miscalculation

And the Government for over protection

Lord! For your continued saving grace and tender mercies

There seem to be no thanks or appreciation

Yet you continue to watch over us and save us

From your intense wrath and major destruction

Heavenly Father we thank You! and PLEASE Always keep us covered.

Never stop being our cloud by day and our light by night

For in every way we seem to be truly descendants of the Israelite.

– Loraine Bucknor