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Published:Saturday | August 28, 2021 | 12:06 AM

Hungry lion

His eyes are on fire

You already know what his heart desires.

Across the lake, you can see what he admires

That sweet, meaty deer

His legs bend focusing on how to catch his prey

As you look on the predator’s face there is a sneer

Well, my friend, that is how he catches his meat

Better get out of here or you’ll be next he will greet.

Shannoy Wynte

What’s the fight for?

We have travelled and come a far way but still distant

Forgetting the fight for peace and unity

Indulging more into an abyss in alone some

Plunging more away at our roots and leaving us with nothing to stand on but standing alone

No longer standing strong but firm in an illusion

We keep forgetting the past

Those that were slaves, maids and masters

It’s coming to nothing and I am caught being a victim

Just like the lands of this world, we started drifting slowly and surely shredding our parts

We have become more divided while looking secretly more ways to mend

The above is a joke, I might add,

When is the next earthquake so I can feel the tremor and say, that’s who causing our terror

But is it?

Or are we just always looking for a goat to escape on?

The future we are fighting towards is nothing but pale and sweet in an instance

Forgiveness is no longer a fair chance

We keep taking steps forward or at least supposedly

It seems more like we have a bad sense of direction

We changed course and it wasn’t mentioned or even that obvious but we are moving along for satisfaction

Our roots are no more, our pride is too high

It’s hard to regain those heights of the top shelf

The greatness we embodied and was buried

Our base is completely demolished

Nothing left but our polished insecurities

Inspired by all the black freedom fighters

– Makonnen Solomon

Turn to God

When you have no one else to turn to

You’ll have to turn to God

Little he did for me I never recognize

All these years I wondered where he was

He was always on my side

I was really down so bad I had to look up to the skies

Thinking when these pain will go away

Sure U can see it in my eyes

Blessing please fall on me like when these tears fall out my eyes

Be sure to send your prayers to the most high

Even in good and bad times

It’s just me and my thoughts like always

And God keep sending signs

I had no coat on and I still went through cold nights

No one to talk but these lonely nights

Nothing wrong being alone because the sun always yet still it still shines

My birthday is no surprise

that day I never seen so many lies

Focusing on what ahead of me I hope my future bright.

Tyriece Stewart