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Published:Sunday | November 28, 2021 | 12:08 AM

Abstaining from unhealthy practices

– junk food

All this time, I wanted to be fit as a fiddle.

But eating unhealthy foods, how can I be fit?

Eating burgers, pizzas, cakes, candies and drinking sodas are

All in my mind running up and down like cats and dogs

Why? Why? Do I have this unhealthy practice

Flashing like lightning across the sky

It seems to me that I am as foolish as a calf

No matter what they say each day, eating unhealthy food

Just won’t go away. As sick as a dog, that’s how these unhealthy food destroys your body

Every meal I eat includes more, and more, and more fast foods

Yet with every meal I eat I grow slower on my feet

This is why I want to know why fast food makes me so slow

All this unhealthy food just gives us a moment of taste

And our body gets nothing but waste

So let’s learn the proper way to abstain from unhealthy food

And move forward by eating healthy.

- Ackelia Burke

Grade 8 student

St. Hugh’s High School