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When Santa went on strike on Christmas Eve

Published:Sunday | December 5, 2021 | 12:07 AM
The Christmas Eve Crisis front cover.
The Christmas Eve Crisis front cover.

It was Christmas Eve – it is a time to rejoice and make merry, but on this fateful day, it was a crisis for children and adults alike because Santa and his elves had decided to go on a strike! What unfolds and how the day is saved is what The Christmas Eve Crisis delves into. The book is a witty children’s story by Sundiata Gibbs that will certainly bring a smile, chuckle or a downright ‘Laugh Out Loud’ moment to any parent reading this story to his/her child.

The beautiful illustrations jump off the pages and bring this Christmas story to life. The author adopts a rhyming poetic style that is sure to appeal to kids. Children and their parents will no doubt be captivated and stimulated by the clever turn of phrases in this Christmas story.

The Christmas Eve Crisis is a tale of how harsh working conditions and a series of personal and professional setbacks lead to Santa’s existential crisis. There is industrial action at Santa’s workshop and Santa mulls getting out of the gift distribution business. Children are distraught as all these things couldn’t have come at a worse time. On Christmas Eve, Santa complained:

How his sack just got heavier and he was getting too old.

How he needed a new place, the North Pole was too cold.

Gibbs has been writing poetry and short stories as a hobby since he was a boy in Barbados where he grew up. One of his most cherished activities is reading to – and now, with – his daughter, Brielle. “It’s our special father-daughter thing,” he says of their nightly routine. As another expression of his passion for books, this father occasionally hosts interactive story-time sessions for Brielle and her friends.

The Christmas Eve Crisis, a favourite of his five-year old daughter, is the first of a series of children’s books he plans to write and publish. “I wrote this story some years ago – before my daughter was born and it is a story I recited to her while she was still in her mother’s womb. Even as a very young baby, she seemed captivated by the poem as it calmed her when I recited it to her. I believe it made an impression, because as she grew older it became her favourite story,” said Gibbs.

“To surprise her I decided to have it published and present it to her as a Christmas gift … now it is a Christmas gift to all children up to eight years old,” Gibbs said.

The Christmas Eve Crisis is available at New Kingston Pharmacy in New Kingston Business Centre, Kozy Korner Books N More in Vision Plaza, Fontana Waterloo (the Artisan Village) and on Amazon.