Sun | Dec 10, 2023

The indweller – source of all power

Published:Sunday | May 29, 2022 | 1:34 AM

“Divinity is described as attributeless, stainless, eternal,

the final abode, pure, aware, free, embodiment of sacredness”

Names may differ, but the substance is one. Rings are many, but gold is one. Nationalities are many, birth is one. Flowers are many, worship is one. Similarly, God is one. The one indweller is in all. That is power, that is electricity. This electricity is present in every human being. It is this power that sustains life.

Students, you know how scientists are inventing wonderful and complex machines today. But they don’t recognise the one machine that creates all other machines! They develop machines to travel into the depths of the Earth, to soar towards the Moon, to harness solar power, and so on. They have invented atom bombs, hydrogen bombs, nuclear power, and many other applications of these energies. But there is one machine that is more valuable and more powerful than all of man’s inventions – the human body. But no one attempts to understand its secrets today. As for external phenomena, yes, scientists actively investigate and experiment on them. But what about yourself? Examine yourself first!


Your power is in the universe, and the powers of the universe are in you. Students must recognise this truth. You may consider someone else as a great person. But there is no one greater than you! All power and potentiality are present in you. The power of attraction and magnetic energy is in you. Electricity, light, and fire are also inherent to you. X-ray power is also inside of you. In effect, everyone is a computer, a generator, a light source, a radio station – all in one. All the “news” is in us. Instead of discovering the “news” within ourselves, we absorb the “nuisance” from outside. What we want is good, pure news. What is this NEWS? N - North, E –East, W - West, S –South. The divinity that is present equally everywhere, we must absorb into ourselves.

Through such education we must experience the same peace that our ancients enjoyed. Never relax your efforts to reach divinity. In ancient times, everyone was peaceful. Now, everybody has tension - from the tiny tot to the old man! This tension causes temper. Tension and temper are ruining human qualities. Then how can we expect peace? With an atom bomb in one hand, we ask for peace. How is this possible? We will get only fear, fear, fear. Peace is not external to you. You are the embodiment of truth, love, and peace. Instead of trying to experience this glorious truth, students pursue many subjects. In this craze for subjects, they have forgotten the object! Subject and object – both are necessary. The body is valuable only with the current of divinity.

- Courtesy Sai Institute of Education West Indies, St Michael, Barbados. Visit them at or or email