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Love for one’s motherland is a great gift

Published:Sunday | July 3, 2022 | 12:10 AM

Education is a third eye, a secret treasure

Bestower of fame and enjoyment,

The teacher of teachers

A Friend in foreign lands, the supreme guide and

Honoured by kings more than wealth.

One without education is a beast

Patrons of education, teachers, and students!

Just as a child recognises its mother and father at birth, students must recognise the history and culture of the land of their birth. The country is like a mother and the culture, like a father. One who does not recognise his culture can never understand his motherland!

Students need to uphold only truth and righteousness which, in turn, will protect the country. Victory weds only truth and righteousness, not wealth or position. No matter how educated, intelligent or influential you are, you must foster human values. It is only because human values are disregarded in the world today that man has lost value.


What is meant by education? It is not just bookish knowledge. Can all those who know how to read and write be called educated? Does earning degrees make one educated?

Will education achieve its purpose, without moral and spiritual training?

If education is just for a living, aren’t birds and beasts living as well? Thus, living is not sufficient. Ideals in life are important.

Today, the ancient, noble truths are misinterpreted. Nature, pure and sacred, is being driven far from society. Compassion, righteousness and discipline are shunned. Knowledge of ancient scriptures is on the decline while all kinds of harmful sciences are flourishing. What is the reason for destructive tendencies in today’s education despite such a noble heritage?

Parents at home, teachers at school and leaders in society are not setting the right example. They say one thing and act otherwise. Students are observant and intelligent. They think, “When experienced elders behave in that manner, why can’t we?” When the cow herself goes to graze in the field, will you find the calf at home? Elders are the root cause of moral decline in the world.

Courtesy Sai Institute of Education West Indies, St Michael, Barbados. Visit them at or or email