Fri | Oct 7, 2022

Educare – Reform should start at primary stage

Published:Sunday | July 10, 2022 | 12:08 AM

The basic tenet of education is character-building. This fact is accepted. The collective effort of parents, teachers, and management in a responsible manner is critical in this exercise of any education system or institution.

Starting with the parents and the family unit, values, principles, and standards should be imbibed even if not formally taught, but it must be recognised and admitted that many children are allowed to indulge in far too many activities and operations that are out of character with normal growth and development and that the deterioration of attitudes and values feeds on these behavioural patterns.

Inculcation of discipline and value at the impressionable age of children – the primary school stage – should be a carry-over from the home.

In the course of a life, there are interventions, interferences, influences, and directives, all of which affect individuals. These must be taken into account.


Changes in certain aspects of an education system as suggested could be considered, but these changes must have balance. All the elements and factors to effect these changes must be put in proper place and perspective after consultation and evaluation.

Teachers whose responsibility, even mandate, is to mould the future generations, should be exemplars and visionaries par excellence, but being human, they have their needs, and one of these needs is security.

For children to become useful and competent citizens, all elements of society should play a part and put a stop to the blame game.

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