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Educare – Serve the child

Published:Sunday | July 24, 2022 | 12:08 AM

“Therefore, the first task of the teacher is the cultivation of virtue in the hearts of the pupils. This is more vital than the promotion of learning.” – Sathya Sai Baba

The education system today does not recognise or encourage moral or spiritual values. Therefore, the student community has degenerated into a socially dangerous element. The students do not pay the least attention to the promotion of the welfare of the society, and they deny their duty to desire to do service is earnest and the skill to do service is cultivated, students will remain a burden on the community, behaving like parasites and exploiters.

An expansion of the heart helps the spread of peace and joy. A little knowledge contracts the heart and limits one’s concern for others. It enlarges ego and feeds selfishness. It makes man forget the delight derivable from virtue. Such students are unable to develop the prosperity of the nation or the progress of society. The thick wall of egoism blinds their sight and renders them callous to their own dignity and destiny. Students should try their best to realise their heritage. The mind free from either extreme attachment or extreme detachment, the speech uncontaminated by falsehood, the body unpolluted by sins are what the student must strive to possess.


Teachers must be vigilant in helping encourage them to avoid any trace of dishonesty in their actions and falsehood in their statements. Selfishness, envy and egoistic pride are the three tendencies and attitudes that should not take root in the tender hearts. Prompt them to engage themselves in acts of service to others. Look at the trees, they serve us with no thought of self, and comfort all with their shade. Rivers, too, render service to all without asking for recompense. Tell the children about the service the cow offers man.

Deprived of the help given by these three – the tree, the river and the cow – man’s life becomes precarious. What a shame it is for man to behave selfishly, while his life itself depends on the unselfish behaviour of the rest of creation! Whatever information or inspiration man has gained, or whatever wealth, riches or material possessions he has earned, he should share them with others in an unselfish manner. This is his primary duty. Teachers must be on the watch for chances to instil these ideals in the hearts of pupils.

Teachers have to be examples which can inspire the pupils. They must practise what they preach. As the teacher, so are the pupils. Most of all, fill your mind with God, and transmit God to the children. Look forward to no remuneration or reward except the joy of the faces of the children. Give up the mad rush in pursuit of degrees. Pursue, rather, chances to serve others and to promote the prosperity of the nation and the world.

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