Thu | Dec 1, 2022


Published:Monday | August 29, 2022 | 3:18 PM

Half time love


are for birds,

not for boys or girls;

To settle is a crime,

for nothing -

less than best

is a waste of time.

Don't be mistaken,

even the son

said he felt forsaken

but hot and cold,

can grow very old

and even these breadcrumbs,

now have mold.

What is real and true,

needs not feel,

like an expired queue;

Love in its purest form,

feels steady and calm

but a half-time love

will never be enough.

- Angela Yap Chung


What Lucricia wore

Cho Lucricia gal yu looking funky

Wid yu bell foot pants

Which gal waan flunk ee

When yu step out inna yu platform boot

Yu no stop hear car man horn toot

Yu afro hair style beat Jackson five

Di man dem tune yu een like Jerry D live

Yu jus a step inna yu timbell an granny heel

Yu meck Bwoysie buck up inna di ackee tree

Woman have on dem pedal pusher

And flower bag pants, di man dem eena

Some wear merina under dem shirt

And dem pleat haffi crease

Fi meck di girls dem splurt

Lucricia like a man wid nuff dough

No scrubs allowed oh no

She like see di man dem in dem felt hat

And walking stick fi top off dat

When Lucricia go a ball

She have on har diamond glove

Har bumper cock off inna di cocktail dress

She borrow from Miss Dove

An’ har hair curl up curl up wid di hot comb

Whe spen fifty hour inna di fire coal

Fi Lucricia dry head comb

When Lucricia Granny dead

She wear a hair net

And grease down har hair

Wid di Vaseline she borrow from Annette

In plaid and polka dot Lucricia trot

And in all Trench Street

No gal of sixteen no look so hot

Lucricia haffi inna taffeta material

Fi Miss Jen wedding

Watch har a trash out inna har crenolin

She one pon Trench Street in expensive calico

And a Stacy graduation she in

Evening gown and rhinestone

When the ‘70’s reach Lucricia fus inna mini

By mid-’70’s she fus inna midi

See har Uptown inna har hot pants

A sen poor Miss Lee bwoy inna trance.

Twenty years gone buck Lucricia

In Casco

Looking like any hottie hottie

Ready fi steal di show

And wid all di years, dis I know

Dem still cyaa flop Lucricia show…


- Lisa Gaye Taylor