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Published:Sunday | September 4, 2022 | 12:10 AM
Christina Tucker with her grandparents Juieth Tucker, 91 and Cynthia Robinson Tucker, 90
Christina Tucker with her grandparents Juieth Tucker, 91 and Cynthia Robinson Tucker, 90

Giving you your roses while you can still smell them

This poem is dedicated to Juieth Tucker, 91, and Cynthia Robinson Tucker, 90, my grandparents whom I love very much. Both alive. Both well. Married forever.

I wrote this poem to say

I hope you know you will forever be loved by me.

You saved my life

You allowed me privacy

You allowed me to be who I am today

I am forever in your debt

You may never understand how crucial your love was - and continues to be -

to me

I want the world to know

I want my love to show, so no matter what, you’ll never forget me

I am honoured to be your grandchild

Darling Daddy

I remember almost all our treks to the bush

How I loved to trail you! Do you remember collecting me from basic school?

Do you remember how when I moved away for college you called me every

day? To this day I still squeeze beside you in the armchair.

I know you love me

And my sweet, beautiful, good Mummy

Thank you for carrying me on all your church trips so I could see the world

And for giving me lunch money, and for praying over me

And most importantly, for laughing with me.

How we laugh together!

I still hear your singing in my head, still see you walking through the gardens

I know you love me

I adore you

I adore you both

As you both adore each other

Stay with me as long as you both can

Has been a while since I’ve said all this?

It hasn’t


I wrote this poem to say.

– Teena Marie

I’ll be gone in the dark

Last night,

Daddy’s voice broke

the windows, broke peace.

Mother’s face

was a punch bag. More likely a

bruised grape.

Purple grape.

My body

was a welt farm.

Still a welt farm. And the mirror

gapes at the many I could market.

The brooding clock

hints multiple episodes.

But my suitcase stands


When night gathers

her skirts about her – I’ll

be gone in the dark.

-Rohan Facey