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Published:Sunday | September 25, 2022 | 12:07 AM

Your Light

You have a remarkable spark beneath,

Your aura that you possess

projects from your head to your feet,

It’s your special inner light,

that highlights that you’re unique

It belongs to you and only you;

the diamond that shines from

a place, is surely true,

Your presence is the gift that only

you can fuel,

Be mindful of those who are talented, in hiding ways of being cruel,

Make time to put boundaries to protect your peace,

while you forge memories with others,

who are able to put you at ease.

Some will make you feel safe,

while others will prepare a place,

more confusing than a frustrating maze,

Life is too short to build and invest,

in an abyss of hate or unwanted stress;

it’s not worth it, to cultivate hate,

when its really our health that’s really at stake,

You deserve to bask in serenity,

and nothing less,

Building your fortress without any

unwanted mess;

Build a safe haven without taking any invitations to fight,

but making it a priority

to the guarding of your light.

– Angela Yap Chung

The Nameless Dead

They are no trumpets for the nameless dead,

Their presence was silenced,

Drowned out by the roar of seas and oceans,

The tide washes away their traces

While their cries were their elegies.

There are no ceremonies for the nameless dead,

There are no immaculate processions of uniformed officers,

That accompany the complicated legacy of the past,

There are no tombs to honour their memory.

They were just the nameless dead,

Buried in the root vaults under the ackee tree,

Accompanied by choruses from the anonymous choir.

There are no statues or monuments for the nameless dead,

Some take pity on those who fell in battle,

But for those who crossed the sea, they’re alone,

While some have palaces of stone,

Others have prisons of stone.

It is written, all men must die,

But in death all are not made equal.

For some, a glorious age has ended,

But who mourns for the age that never began?

– David Salmon