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Published:Sunday | November 6, 2022 | 12:07 AM


You may have a mansion,

An endless lawn,

A landing strip made for your own private jet,

But are you solely relying on all the riches you are dying to get,

To attain a shifting goal post,

You haven’t scored in yet?

You can have all the money in the world,

All the trophies mounted on the wall,

Many certificates and degrees to your name,

But what is it all worth,

When there’s no real happiness to gain?

Does it all lead to a hollow emptiness with a paralysing type of pain?

There is nothing of a cookie cutter recipe for happiness;

Life does not contain a road map with treasure signs, and a ready made plan;

There are always bumps ahead, even on those days that you thought you were your best,

But being in the moment, brings more to living into your existence, than trying to control and stress;

For happiness is remembering our most valuable simplest gifts;

Those treasures that tell us we are undoubtedly blessed.

– Angela Yap Chung

Dear Mentor

Dear mentor, you are the one that I adore.

To my life you add grace, beauty and splendour.

It is truly a blessing to have you as a mentor.

To you I give great respect and honour.

Everyone should have a mentor.

The guidance provided by a mentor is priceless.

The knowledge and skills gained bring so much awareness.

Throughout the mentorship, I have progressed both personally and professionally.

My mentor has helped me in so many ways.

This gift is something that I will cherish always.

Dear mentor, my mentor, my accelerator and motivator.

You are not only my mentor, but a friend, caretaker and my cheerleader.

You have given me light and I have embraced it with so much delight.

You have shaped and moulded me into your masterpiece.

With you in my life my net worth will definitely increase.

Everyone should have a mentor, a sponsor, advisor, counsellor and friend;

A good mentor that will be your friend until the very end.

– Erika Heslop Martin