Sun | Dec 4, 2022


Published:Sunday | November 20, 2022 | 12:10 AM

Field of lies

Never fall for the words

of a heartless soul,

You will fall face first

spiralling into a grief you can’t control

Never give your love to who

does everything to reject you

Never believe the speech of those who lie,

those who only prove to be selfish,

whose intention from day one,

was to awaken love, then be gone

If you want love, first, love yourself,

your body, soul, mind,

your life, your journey, your time,

Never break yourself into pieces, being their all

while your own peace ends up being stalled;

They say love is blind,

and most times, the type that is blind

causes you to feel left behind;

Write it out in your heart,

that nothing is worth giving

If you are painfully dying,

while they’re out celebrating with wine,

It makes no sense to give your presence or your heart

to someone who has already decided to depart

Be wise

Listen to your intuition about any ties,

especially those who pose to be the truth;

Make it your priority to rise before you cry,

because it’s better to see what’s real

than believe in a ploughed field of lies.

– Angela Yap Chung


Scholarly walls

Within nine hours,

My mind is confined behind these towers,

A place where they say nobility is placed,

Discipline, decorum and dignity are the three ‘D’s’ embraced,

I try to express my avidity,

But it is outweighed by priority,

Priority to escape the confusion of attempted content and alacrity,

Save me, oh, save me from this place,

And spare me the solace.

– Jovaine Reid