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Published:Friday | February 10, 2023 | 4:04 PM

What Next?

A Persuasive Inquisitive poem

What has beseeched us? I am curious.

Trying to erase human perfection and tied to a race to make machines emotional.

With human physical attractions, freedom and freewill, the competition is stunning.

The robotic mysteries of the past will soon become mankind’s history,

I may be paranoid, but I’m not an android

The problem is so plain too plain to see, too much technology.

Are they coming to empower us or to replace us?

To save our lives or to dehumanise? Oh what a demise!

Artificial intelligence changes lives as we know it

Don’t think I’m too emphatic, just believe it!

Fear of the unknown draws closer to the heart as the possibility of a human

apocalypse seems about to start.

The irony of this situation is still a jeopardy

Will we act mechanically or organically?

Will we all have some level of insanity and inhumanity?

Artificial Intelligence aims to make mankind obedient.

Imagine the limitless abilities of man’s technological experiments.

What will our relationships be like you ask?

These machines will be really smart

With hearts full of metals yet as fragile as petals

Gentle and kind, yet aggressively playing on the human mind.

What’s next! This is the question of the century

As we venture into realms of uncertainties

They say life is what you make it. If you get lemons make lemonade.

But what if you then break it? Oh but no worries you can just go ahead and re-create it.

Artificial intelligence is not just one of those visitors long overstaying its time

It is going nowhere, it is here to stay and dine.

As a matter of fact to live, spread bed and dwell, I foretell

Changing our lives one day at a time.

Just imagine, when we age, they will not change.

They just need to grease their palms as they work shorter hours and have longer arms.

But how far is too far? Should we then be afraid, exited, worried or elated?

For it is what it is. It’s a wait and see

If the capability of man’s great inventions will supersede their long intentions.

– Steju Whyte


Tell us about it

The library is a special place,

It is full of history from so much place.

It is a gateway to knowledge of our fore fathers and parentage,

The resources and services help to mould us in our cultural heritage.

With artefacts from slavery and emancipation,

the exhibitions lead us to have so much reflections.

What would our world be without libraries?

It would be difficult to advance in research such as the human anatomy.

We see the shackles and how they were broken,

The library sparks our interest on how the worlds were shaken.

When we want to know more, we can always be sure,

that the library in all its shelves and cupboards has a lot yes, so much in store.

Our heritage and culture make us who we are,

the library preserves the information found in the newspapers

Over the years we grow to know more about where we are coming from

And how to know where to go

Knowledge and power, we gain about creation,

The library tries to save it for future generations.

We all have to be a part of it, the great work of the library,

They never stop to play their part, the best thing they do

Keep and protect it is an art.

– St’ejaun Whyte