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Break the habit of procrastination

Published:Sunday | February 12, 2023 | 12:43 AM

How many times have you made a timetable or ‘to-do’ list and didn’t follow it? We all have a habit of procrastinating in some way or the other. We make plans, but when the time comes to put those plans into action, we may find ourselves putting things off – “little later or tomorrow for sure” ­– which is often repeated. The biggest harm that this habit to our inner-self is the gradual diminishing of ‘self-trust’. When the timelines are not followed, our discipline diminishes. It becomes a habit to keep postponing things until they are impossible to achieve or reach a point that they become ‘emergencies’. This habit often develops negative feelings and you start doubting yourself, that “you won’t be able to accomplish a task”. This results in negative traits making a home in your mind.

It begins right in the morning when you are in your bed and need to get up, but you end up saying to yourself “just five more minutes”. Those five minutes may become 15 minutes or even an hour ... and the cycle continues. The same goes for study time or doing a difficult task. Postponing any task simply means that you don’t like doing them. So, setting up priorities and recognising their importance in life helps to get rid of the habit of procrastination.


Set achievable and realistic goals. Taking small steps helps in accomplishing the tasks effectively, and increases self-confidence. Just remember, it is not that you lack any ability or power. Rather, it is just the habit of procrastinating which keeps you away from realising your extraordinary potential and achieving your goals.

For example, when you feel thirsty, it is an indication that your body needs hydration. If you keep ignoring thirst, you will be dehydrated. Similarly, ignoring the messages need of the inner self leads to negative manifestations, and these often result in people becoming irritable, harbouring distrust, having self-doubt, and being indisciplined. These, as mentioned before, become habits that are not easy to break and affect your daily routine.

You need to take some time to think about your habits, and take breaks from your work or study routines. Like any efficient machinery, the body needs rest to perform optimally. Work towards breaking the habit of procrastinating – it will not happen in one day or one week. It will take time, dedication and discipline – you may feel stuck, but carry on. Once you change your habits, you will experience the immense joy that it brings.

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