Mon | Mar 27, 2023


Published:Sunday | February 19, 2023 | 6:59 AM

Defeat Jamaica’s Crime

If Blue Mountain could be my national platform

With a million powered speakers just to inform

That crime and violence destroy, devalue, and deform

Our nation Jamaica should be alarmed.

Grief and misery reach across country and town.

We sense shivers from our toes up to our very crown.

The bitter lost of our neighbour is the loss of our own.

Oh! When will crime’s silver bullet be found.

The monster of crime, our nation, is swallowing.

For its total defeat, our resources are depleting.

We are dumb-founded, amazed, our hearts are bleeding.

We are at our wits end: the mighty and children are crying.

Let’s stop the shooting, stabbing and the blood-letting.

The life and energy of our beloved nation are draining.

The beautiful prospects of our country is darkening.

Our vision of a brighter tomorrow is fading.

As time ebbs closer to collide with eternity,

We sense our need for divine security.

We seek for peace and lasting serenity.

This we admit with inward honesty.

Some come to the planning table to think and strategise.

Some are looking to God with opened eyes.

Some point to community control and political divide.

Others say, “et community care for children be revived.”

They recommend coming together in true unity,

Solving domestic issues with kindness and equity,

Promoting child-safe spaces; educational opportunity,

Leveraging resources for more jobs in our community.

The practice of good ethics and high morality

May provide examples of excellence and great quality

To shift the levels of aggression and negativity

For nurturing Christian values and positivity.

Today, let us from indifference and carnage resign,

Seeking wholeness and healing for broken hearts and mind.

“Eternal Father,” give us blessings and wisdom sublime

To dismantle, demolish, and defeat Jamaica’s crime.

– Odiaka Walker