Sun | Dec 10, 2023


Published:Sunday | February 26, 2023 | 12:07 AM

Sleeping beauty

Comfort. Silence. Anticipation.

With every breath, I slip away from the tight grip of this life.

Peace. Covered. Shadows.

The heaviness of this world recedes from the shores of my mind.

Heart. Slowing down. Here we go.

A familiar feeling of the vastness that I am.

But where do our thoughts go, are they resting as well?

Or just chattering about a dream world in pictures I may soon forget?

Wonder. Memories. My body forgotten.

Light as a bird, I fly higher as I soar;

It seems … I’ve been here before?

I see a glimpse, but want more.

I remember now, but will soon forget. I connect.

To a feeling I’ve longed for but didn’t know I missed. Next …

A touch. A sound. My old world calls me to return.

From a distant dream to this life, I must now direct.

I always forget that journey back,

On that bridge made of clouds. It’s too soon -

I check the time, I check the place, Am I late?

Already preoccupied with my old identity.

Did I dream, or is this the dream? I cannot tell.

Well, onwards with the sands of time. Till tonight, I’ll do it again.

– Pearly Wordz


A Dying Man’s Folly

All my life I’ve spent scrambling to acquire

All my life I’ve had only that one desire

But now I’m dying I don’t know what to do

Oh please! I beg you, don’t let this happen to you.

I’ve galloped through life saddling fortune and fame

I’ve gotten titles, all added to my name

But now, I’m so, so cold ... my skin is turning blue

Oh please! I beg you, don’t let this happen to you.

There once was a time when men would see me and applaud

I stood six feet six, yeah, I was standing tall

I never dreamt that I would become so feeble, so crooked,

bent like a snake

Now look at this, I am beginning to shake.

The chapters of my life are filled only with me and greed

My constant companion from whom I’m never yet freed

I thought I had it all, oh yes I was jolly

But now in retrospect it had all been a big folly.

You see, I lived a life overflowing with sin

To try to tell you now, I wouldn’t know

where to begin

But now listen! to what I have to say

‘Cause I fear I will never live another day

I’m trying to reach out to God for pardon

But have just realized that my heart has harden’

All these years I ‘ve lived without preparing any


To cast the blocks of faith which would have changed my

eternal destination.

Now I’m trying to pray in semi-unbelief

I’m worried sick, my heart is filled with grief

I am feeling the effects of my own tribulation

I think I’m destined for everlasting damnation.

My situation is hopeless, my fate is seal’

But to you my friends I make this last appeal

To God our savior you must be true

Oh please I beseech you, don’t let this happen to you!!!!

To God be the glory.

– Maurice Coke