Tue | Jun 6, 2023

Light – the answer to dispel darkness

Published:Sunday | April 30, 2023 | 1:23 AM

Introspection is an important step in the process of improvement. When we turn our attention inward, we get to understand the thoughts and feelings we have, identify where they are coming from. There would be myriad feelings – both negative and positive. Here we need to address the negatives and work to grow spiritually. However, a common mistake that many of us make is to get stuck on our weaknesses.

There are sincere and well-meaning individuals who wish to become the best they can be. They set lofty goals, and when they introspect, they may find a lot of negatives. Some get overwhelmed that a lot that needs to be changed. Instead of working towards realising their goals, they sink into low self-esteem.

By brooding on their weaknesses and identifying with them, they reinforce them and become even weaker, just like someone who keeps complaining about his or illness prolongs it. “I am not that strong any more”, “perhaps I am destined to be low”, “I am not sure if I will make it”, such thoughts pull them down further. They create an attitude of underlining problems and ultimately strengthen their negative approach towards life.


The key is not to dwell on our shortcomings. It is true that what we think, we become. If we wish to remove our shortcomings, it is important not to dwell on them. This is a misplaced effort to focus only on our dark side and ask ourselves, “Why am I like this?”. The stronger that belief is imprinted on our consciousness, it influences our thought patterns and feelings, which results in low self-esteem. It is like sinking in a hole instead of frantically trying to get out, one’s needs to be calm and find a way out. Recognising ones weaknesses and critically moving away from them is important. Any flaw is like a layer of dirt that can easily be wiped off. This gives us strength, and eventually, victory to overcome it.

A defect is akin to darkness, and you do not remove darkness by delving over it – you just shine a light. The light of truth, courage, and faith in God dispels the darkness within oneself. When we constantly remain in this light, all darkness vanishes from our life. Where there is light, darkness cannot exist.

Courtesy: Rajyoga Meditation Center, Kingston (meditation courses and counselling are offered free of charge). Email: kingston@jm.brahmakumaris.org. Or follow them on Instagram: rajyoga_meditation_jamaica