Sun | Oct 1, 2023

How to stop overthinking

Published:Sunday | June 4, 2023 | 1:25 AM

Our world is no longer the same as it used to be. Our smart devices bombard us every second with an abundance of information, most of which is unnecessary in our daily lives. Where does all that information ultimately land? In the mind!

Overthinking is one of the most damaging thought patterns of all. An overactive mind instigates rash and rushed actions. We are spending so much time with fast-moving technology. The reason why many spend so much time on phones and computers is that in a way, it serves a purpose. It stops us from looking inside to contemplate what the purpose of life is. From time to time, we become aware of what we are doing, and we try to chill out, take time out. But what we find inside is emptiness, like a big deep sadness, a sense of meaninglessness to everything, and that is a very uncomfortable feeling. So we change gear into overdrive and become busier and busier so that we do not have to think deeply.

It is said that there are roughly about 60,000 thoughts created in a day. We can think at about 500 words a minute and speak about 125 words a minute, and our minds can be aware of these multidimensions. That is a lot of activity! Our lives are played out in our minds. Thoughts, feelings, reactions, memories all take place in our minds. The way we interpret anything depends on the quality of thinking we have achieved and the wisdom we have accumulated. As the quality goes down, quantity increases, and we start overthinking. The most important step you can do is to learn to transform the quality of your thoughts.


We have to take responsibility for our thoughts. Each thought is your creation. People or situations may be difficult, but ultimately, you have the choice – you can overthink or let go. Take responsibility for the quality of your thoughts. If you complain, criticise, blame then you disempower yourself. Spirituality is empowering yourself to choose the quality of thought that helps you to remain peaceful and happy.

You can begin by reprogramming your understanding of “who you really are”. Wrong identity leads to ego or a sense of superiority, or lack of self-respect, and a feeling of unworthiness arises. All actions are then done with that awareness. It is time to look within at the real self, the ‘Being’. Then, eternal qualities of peace, love, and joy calm and nourish the mind, slow down the thought patterns and are the foundation of your words and deeds. Take time each day to replenish this awareness to regain authority and reclaim mastery over your mind. After all, it is yours. It must listen to you.

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