Mon | Oct 2, 2023

An Ode to Jamaica

Published:Sunday | September 3, 2023 | 12:05 AM
Blue Mountains – a view from Bangor Ridge, Portland.
Blue Mountains – a view from Bangor Ridge, Portland.

Nestled art thou in the luxurious lap of the Caribbean Sea

Adorned with blue waters, sand and shades of dark-green forest to see,

A sight that stretches beyond horizon and entangles the forest green

The sky whose smile as wide and clear as the lovers’ giggling akin,

A people whose spirit, under yoke fought they to liberate, never reigned

For thee, the enchantment for freedom is sovereign.

Wrenched from Africa, lured from Asia, thy destiny as unique people

‘Out of many, one people’ have thou embraced, a spirit so nimble,

A home within home, have thou made feel the coolies cool

Worst of cruelty have thou endured, thy kindness no fool,

‘I am because you are,’ thou have said with inscrutable countenance

‘You are therefore I am’ have thou declared with thy heart immense.

Indomitable is thy strength to rein the world on the track unleashed

Reggae, sports, thy potential, thy talent in affluence to remain undiminished,

Thy land of Blue Mountain coffee spread the aroma far east to reach

Them think of thee in the full moon night, drinking rum in the sandy beach,

Frolicking visitors forget cares at their maiden encounter with thy shores

Drenched feelings of complex emotions are they, uncared chores.

Traversed me have through mountains, forests, rivers, waterfalls, surreal

Thy remotest peak, thy deepest valley me have touched, ethereal!

Clear, save stars spotted, face me have beheld, thy beauty forbids me blink

Thy sweet aroma of nectars lingers like eternity, me think,

Long have me gone yonder, me look back and know me been there

Me soon come thy face to behold so dear.

– Masakui Rungsung

High Commissioner of India to Jamaica