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JAA chauffeurs party people - Service range provided by trained drivers

Service range provided by trained drivers

Published:Friday | September 4, 2015 | 12:00 AM
JAA chauffeurs Shane Russell (left), Horace Douglas (centre) and Murphy Gooden in uniform with their assigned vehicles. Each driver is fully trained and receives refresher courses in defensive driving and road safety as part of the JAA’s ongoing driver education programme for its employees.
Pasengers on a road trip in Portland with their JAA Chauffeur Services Toyota Coaster bus.

The conspicuously branded Jamaica Automobile Association (JAA) Chauffeur Services vehicles were present at a number of entertainment events held over the 'Emancipendence' holiday period, shuttling partygoers to and from events.

For those who hoped to attend the events and indulge in alcohol or were just too tired to drive, the JAA Chauffeur Services were an option both for shuttling to event locations as well as for the long journey from Kingston to Negril or St Ann, where numerous parties were held.

Duane Ellis, general manager of the JAA, said more persons are now becoming aware of the service and have started to utilise it when planning to attend entertainment events outside of Kingston and St Andrew.

"Our suite of chauffeur services are ideal for individuals and groups that would prefer not to deal with navigating our roads on long cross-country journeys," he explained.

Ellis noted: "We have assumed a very proactive approach as it relates to our providing these services to partygoers, as it fulfils the important road-safety advocacy area of our mandate."

The JAA provided shuttle services for the SPF Weekend of parties held during Emanci-pation weekend and also transported patrons to other branded parties during August.

"Whether we provide the service for shuttling from parking areas to event locations or transport persons to events across the island, we are ensuring that safe driving remains the order of the day for partygoers, and that there is little chance of incidents due to alcohol consumption," Ellis stated.




The JAA's range of chauffeur services includes the executive chauffeur package, which is specifically positioned for special events such as weddings, graduations and VIP functions; the premium executive package, which includes a white-glove chauffeur service, and a business package.

"The replacement-driver service is another unique element of the chauffeur-services package, that allows us our clients to be transported by our trained drivers, using either their own motor vehicle, or one of our own, when they don't want to do the driving themselves," Ellis added.

A concierge service is also offered through a valet service, in which a driver takes the client's vehicle from one point to another - such as the airport or garage - on their behalf.

"We also pair this valet service with our fitness-renewal service, where we will take the client's car to the examination depot to get it passed," Ellis explained.