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Teenager poised for Dover crown

Anticipation high for new lap record

Published:Friday | September 25, 2015 | 12:57 PMGlenroy Sinclair
A section of the crowd at a meet held at Dover Raceway, St Ann.

Less than a month before the 2015 circuit season racing climaxes, 17-year-old Fraser McConnell looks set to become the youngest-ever competitor to win the Driver of the Year title. The final race meet is scheduled

for Heroes Day - Monday, October 19 - and the teenager is leading the championship on 90 points. That is 14 more than his nearest rival, Robin Sutherland.

"All he (Fraser) needs to do is just compete in his three Bracket 35 races and the title is his," said Charles Chen, president of the Jamaica Race Drivers' Club.

Chen's comment was endorsed by another competitor, Dean Corrodus, who stressed that young McConnell just needs to start the races and he will triumph.

McConnell, who celebrated his 17th birthday two weeks ago, is attending the Appleby College in Ontario, Canada, but plans are in place for him to make the Dover starting grid next month.

"It is for this reason that I am bringing him down. This is an opportunity that I would not want him to miss out on," said Peter McConnell, Fraser's father, who is also the managing director of Trade Winds Citrus Limited.


Fraser is anticipating making the trip.

"This is my second week at school here in Canada, and I am hoping to come home for the Dover meet on October 16. The Moodie Team has been working extremely hard to get the car ready. It is a very reliable car and I think it is highly possible that I will win this title," said McConnell.

He expressed maximum confidence in his parents and Peter Moodie, along with his team, crediting them as the persons behind his achievements at Dover.

Ever since he got hooked on go-karting a few years ago, McConnell has aspired to race professionally and compete in Formula One events. Recently, he has had a change of focus and is now dreaming of getting a piece of the World Rally Championship action. Unlike his older sister and brother, Rebecca and Stephen, who chose equestrian for their hobby, Fraser opted for the speed of motorsport.

Dean Corrodus, one of the organisers of the Heroes Day meet, anticipates rivalry at the highest level.

"Among the things we are keeping an eye on is the lap record, which we expect will be broken by either David Summerbell or Doug Gore, who will renew their ongoing rivalry," said Corrodus, who, on 74 points, is currently third in the Driver of the Year standings.

The respective class leaders are:

n Bracket 35 - Fraser McConnell (90 pts)

n Bracket 39 - Robin Sutherland (76 pts)

n Bracket 29 - Dean Corrodus (74 pts)

n Modified Production 1 - Matthew Gore (68 pts)

n Modified Production 2 - Kyle Gregg (64 pts)

n Thundersport 2 - David Summerbell (62 pts)

n Modified Production 3 - Andre Anderson (60 pts)

n Thundersport 1 - Alan Chen (54 pts)