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Strong turnout for Vernamfield drag meet

Published:Friday | October 16, 2015 | 2:30 PMNeville Graham
Part of the audience at a previous Vernamfield, Clarendon, drag racing meet.
Two cars go head to head at Vernamfield, Clarendon during a previous meet.

The second-highest-ever number of drag racers - 154 - descended on Vernamfield, Clarendon, last Sunday for the NDRC Drag Challenge #4. Highlights of the meet included the close going of the Super Street 15; pedal to metal action in Pro Street 13 and the duel to the death of Pro Race 9.

In the Street 16 Left Lane, Davin Virgo continued his dominance of the class in his Toyota Hiace bus, winning in 16.336 seconds over Kenroy Richards in his Honda Logo in 16.709 seconds.

Marcelle Coomarsingh in his low-slung Suzuki Samurai won a close race in the Super Street 15 with a time of 15.653 seconds over Damion Spence in his Toyota Levin, who did 15.53 seconds. In the Pro Street 13, there was a pedal to metal, ding-dong battle between Stanley Powell in a Toyota Starlet and Noel Rhone in a Lancer Evolution 3. In the end only, thee-tenths of a second separated the two, Powell winning in 13.434 seconds over Rhone, with 13.724 seconds.

The battle of the Subarus in Pro Modified 11 saw Ian Galbraith (11.796 secs) putting on nearly a full second over Peter Matthews (12.747secs). There was also the battle of the Civics in Pro Modified 10. Kenneth Timoll in an all motor 2.4 L trouncing Xavia Murray in 10.708 seconds, Timoll left Murray dead at the start line, after which Murray could only limp home in 31.416 seconds.

decimating all

Probably the biggest, most anticipated race of the day was the Pro Race 9. Jody Jervis in his R33 Nissan Skyline had been laying down merciless times all day, decimating all before him. In the process he had set and broken the track record for six-cylinder rear-wheel drive cars twice.

Excitement reached fever pitch as the cars roared and snorted at the start line. Jervis blasted away on the green light, leaving for dead Craig Lue in his much feared Mitsubishi Evolution. At just over the half-way mark the R32 was going full blast when it produced a telltale white cloud of smoke, leaving Craig Lue to hold his nerve for a famous win,

In the end it was Craig Lue (9.948secs) from Jody Jervis (10.274secs).

The full results are:

Street 16 Left Lane

Winner: Davin Virgo, 16.336sec @ 76.76mph

Runner-up: Kenroy Richards, 16.709sec @ 83.65mph

Super Street 15

Winner: Marcelle Coomarsingh 15.653sec @ 90.72mph

Runner-up: Damion Spence, 15.530sec @ 87.26mph

Superior Parts 14

Winner: Markland McFarlane, 14.153sec @ 106.68mph

Runner-up: Joseph Montaque, 14.332sec @ 91.18mph

Pro Street 13

Winner: Stanley Powell, 13.434sec @ 108.27mph

Runner-up: Noel Rhone, 13.724sec @ 96.38mph

Auto King 12

Winner: Junior Mclean, 12.132sec @ 118.04mph

Runner-up: Andrew Morgan, 14.331sec @ 113.29 mph

Pro Modified 11

Winner: Ian Galbraith, 11.796sec @ 84.22mph

Runner-up: Peter Matthews, 12.747sec @ 126.76mph

Pro Modified 10

Winner: Kenneth Timoll, 10.708sec @ 129.87mph

Runner-up: Xavia Murray, 31.416 @33.69mph

Pro Race 9

Winner: Craig Lue, 9.948sec @ 161.92mph

Runner-up: Jody Jervis, 10.274sec @115.62mph

Pro Race 8

Winner: Adrian McLymont, 8.741sec @ 158.84mph

Runner-up: Bryn Morgan, 33.946sec @ 22.55mph