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Surprise birthday cake for Summerbell

Published:Friday | October 30, 2015 | 12:00 AMGlenroy Sinclair
David Summerbell in his Mitsubishi Evolution 8.
Doug 'Hollywood' Gore
David Summerbell leading Doug Gore in a race at Dover Raceway, Str Ann, at the recent Heroes Day meet.

A gesture of love, kindness and appreciation on Heroes Day at the Dover Raceway, St Ann, has left circuit racer David Summerbell stunned. He was surprised by members of the Dyer family from nearby Brown's Town, who walked into Summerbell's bay at the track and surprised him with a well-decorated birthday cake packaged in a box.

The surprise gift came at a point of the race meet when Summerbell's spirits were low. His Stewart Auto/Total Lubricant Mitsubishi Evolution 8 was not giving him its usual 'kick', which he could effectively use to take on Doug Gore and his Audi in the Thundersport II Class during the intense rivalry at the meet.

"It is not the value of the gift, but the thoughts behind it," said Summerbell, who was almost swept away with emotion by the gesture.

The former Caribbean Champion Driver explained that shortly after one of the TSII races, he came in off the track and was in his bay when members of the Dyer family came by and insisted that he open a box, which they had quietly placed inside the parking area for the race car.

"When I opened the box, I believe these were the words written on the cake: 'Happy birthday Total Team Summerbell'." In my over 25 years at Dover, I have never seen anything like this," said Summerbell, who celebrated his birthday on October 24, five days after the meet.

Commenting on the performance of his car, the Kingston-based businessman said that according to an assessment, the Mitsubishi Evolution 8 still had what it took to beat the Audi. "We will be doing some work on the car, but if by the first quarter of next year things are not favourable, then it means that it is time to start shopping around for a new car. But for now, we are good with Evo," said Summerbell.

The tale of Summerbell's birthday cake was confirmed by his arch-rival, Doug Gore. "I saw the cake and even got a slice of it," Gore chuckled.

If things do not work in his favour, then Gore may quit circuit racing at Dover for a while and race in the Florida circuit. "I am waiting on the response of at least three potential sponsors. I am hoping to hear from them by the end of the year. If I have to use my own money to prepare for the 2016 season, then I will not race here. I am going overseas," Gore said.

"Without a sponsor, it has been costing me a lot to race here."