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Sidewalk Story leads off Amiyah's debut EP

Published:Monday | November 16, 2015 | 1:56 PM

Jamaican gospel artiste, poet, and songwriter Amiyah has released her debut EP, I Will Follow You, on iTunes. Ranging from reggae to jazz and rock, the EP is accompanied by a video for Sidewalk Story, one of the eight tracks.

The video was recently released on YouTube through Zojak Worldwide.

Sidewalk Story is about the crime and violence that has gripped Jamaica for decades and bemoans the wanton loss of life that seems to be going unabated. It pays special tribute to the many children who have been victims of abuse and murder. The song was written by Amiyah and produced by Sidney Thorpe, while the video was produced by Bloozick Films.

The singer, whose given name is Prudence Barnes, has been a communications specialist and media practitioner for more than 10 years, working in both Jamaica and The Cayman Islands. She said it is now time to start using those skills to communicate the message of the gospel, promote the Kingdom of God, and help to heal Jamaica and the world.

personal place

"Sidewalk Story and all the songs on the EP come from a personal place," she said. "First of all, the EP celebrates my relationship with Christ and shares with the world how my relationship with Him has positively transformed my life. Hopefully, after hearing the songs, persons will see this as an invitation to come and experience the same abundant life in Christ."

"As it relates to Sidewalk Story, I grew up in a number of inner-city communities and I saw first-hand the destructive effects that crime and violence have had on the lives of individuals, families, and the wider community. My own family was displaced from Rose Town (Greater Trench Town) due to political violence in the '70s, and we again faced violence up close in Hermitage, St Andrew, during the '80s," the singer shared.

"There is also a lot of violence and unrest around the world at this time, and people are dying in droves," Amiyah observed.

"I believe God is calling Jamaica and the world to repentance, giving us an opportunity to face our past, seek His forgiveness and release it to Him," she said.

I Will Follow You is the title track on the EP. Other songs on the EP are Free, He Paid it All, Rhythm of Your Grace, I Will Worship You, Sin's Paradise, and Complete in Him.

The EP is being distributed on iTunes through Katsjam Digital.