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Supreme Audio and Electronics

Published:Friday | April 21, 2017 | 12:00 AMLatara Boodie
Stuart Duquesnay, CEO, and Teisha Duquesnay, manager.
Members of the Supreme Audio and Electronics team.
Timothy Goldsmith- Supervisor,Vanessa Anderson Marketing Officer, Ch'Dwane Findley- Customer ServiceSupreme Audio and Electronics.
Tafawa Brown, technician.
Accounts Clerk Rashida Bryan and Office Administrator Kevando Gordon.
Bearer Junior Powell (left), and Office Attendant Delfeen Morgan.
Metal Fabricators Sheldon Campbell (left) and Rhyion Wilson.
Carpenters Leeford Stewart (left) Sean Campbell (centre) and Gary Whyte (right).
Technician Horace Blackwood

In 1999, the dream of a young and curious Stuart DuQuesnay came to life under a mango tree in the backyard of his parents' house.

What started off as a hobby which entailed pulling things apart to see how they worked, blossomed into Supreme Audio and Electronics Co Ltd (SAE). "I began with a bread knife and a screw driver, pulling up anything I could get my hands on and seeing how I could make it better," said DuQuesnay. Due to complaints from neighbours in the housing scheme in Duhaney Park, St Andrew, DuQuesnay sought to establish a location for his craft which was focused mainly on audio.

His first business venture, which was based on the retail of electronics, was not successful due to the economy at the time. However, after some re-evaluation, DuQuesnay found his niche with the installation of stereo systems.

Supreme Audio and Electronics does sales, installation, and repairs of audio, video, security, electronic equipment and accessories.

"If you bring a car with no radio or even fresh off the lot and want to make it louder, we would install the radio, the speakers and the amplifier," said DuQuesnay.

Manager of SAE, Teisha DuQuesnay (Stuart's wife) explained that the company also provides residential services such as garage and gate opener systems. They are also known in the corporate world for mobile conversions. "We have created a fully equipped mobile kitchen for Nestle and Milo which allows them to demonstrate the use of their products while on the road," she said.

Teisha came on board and took over the administrative ground work of the company which allowed her husband to indulge more in the creative aspects of SAE. "When you take your passion and turn it into a business, because you love what you do you can forget that you are running a business," she said. "Because he is so passionate about what he does, he will do a lot of things for nothing, I have to keep him in check."

Stuart and Teisha DuQuesnay have very different personalities and ideas which complement each other. By becoming a unit, they have effectively created a successful business which is constantly evolving. Like any good relationship Supreme Audio and Electronics Co. Ltd is the product of dedication, determination and a lot of compromise.