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Wassy, built to get the work done

Published:Thursday | August 17, 2017 | 12:00 AMKareem Latouche

The first impression when riding this bike was that it's very peppy and accelerates rapidly in first gear, especially when riding on a level surface. For this reason, it's crucial to use the accelerator, on the right handle bar, in a passive way until familiarity sets in.

Because of its speed, gear changes need to be done quickly to keep the rpm meter down, which the engine is also more comfortable with. On a straight road, the five gears change very quickly, and once it is at top speed, there is some minor vibration. Even though it accelerates quickly, it has a very modest high speed which is accomplished by the well-tuned 150cc engine. It is evident it was tweaked by maximum output, which is felt with every shift of the gears.

For a low-budget bike, it handles impressively with no wobbling of the rear end even when going over potholes or around corners. Wassy's engineers must be commended for making a very sturdy bike that can manage our road conditions.

The back tyre, which is below the elongated seat, is sandwiched by shocks, giving the bike an overall comfortable ride.


Nifty features


When the indicator, on the left handle bar, is switched on

it triggers a sound which continues until it is turned off by pressing the indicator button. This is very useful, given that it is easy to forget the indicator is on after a turn is made. However, with this auditory assistance the issue will be mitigated.

The overall mechanism of the bike, which is built in China, feels very sturdy and will give the average rider much confidence on the road. There is also the added bonus of easily incorporating accessories such as remote start and straight handle bars. However, I suggest most persons keep these to a minimum as the bike is built for optimum performance as is.

The two-way gear lever on the left side of the bike allows riders to gear down with their toes and up with their heels. This can be convenient for persons with feet bigger than size 11. For those with smaller feet, it's better to use the front level only for gearing up and down.