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Get loose on the Loose Cannon

Published:Thursday | November 9, 2017 | 12:00 AMMickella Anderson

Good times and tan lines is a combination best served aboard a 69-foot catamaran sailing off to an island of just white sand surrounded by crystal-clear waters. With that said, for your next adventure, set sail with Andrew Gallimore's Loose Cannon tours, Kingston's newest gem.

Automotives sailed with the Loose Cannon team recently on one of its weekly Maiden Cay Sundays,giving new meaning to 'a day at the beach'.

The luxury boat began boarding at the Grand Port Royal Hotel for Maiden Cay at 11 a.m., allowing passengers five hours of non-stop partying and unlimited food and drink ending at 4 in the afternoon.

What is evident about the experience is that there is nothing loose about the Loose Cannon. The inside area of the boat is surrounded by pristine cushioned seating and includes a fully stocked bar, flat-screen television sets, food table with several offerings from caterers, Ribbiz, and several speaker pads blaring some of today's hottest tunes thanks to resident deejay, DJ Endz. There is also a bathroom on board, more cushioned seats on the outside areas of the boat, and a crew of handy, knowledgeable young men.




Owner Andrew Gallimore told Automotives, "I purchased the boat in September two years ago. Everything is custom. I took out everything that was in it and redid it so that it can become suitable for what we are doing with it now. All the sound pads, seating and bar, that's all custom."

As a businessman, Gallimore says choosing Kingston was a strategic decision.

"I was looking for something that would appear viable to do. I was actually intending to do it elsewhere where we would have more visitors, but in doing all the research, I realised that I am in Kingston and my whole life is in Kingston, and I would just do the project here, and I think it's something that is definitely needed in Kingston."

"Maiden Cay has always been there; for people who have boats, it's a regular thing. I'm not discovering Maiden Cay, I'm not Christopher Columbus," he said in a chuckle. "There hasn't really been this sort of service to make it accessible, and when you look at the beauty of Maiden Cay, it's very still water, white sand and etc etc," he added.

Currently, Loose Cannon offers two scheduled tours. In addition to Maiden Cay Sundays, there is also a Friday-night three-hour tour from 8 to 11p.m. Gallimore explained, "It's looking at Kingston from a totally different perspective - there's lots of big ships parked in the harbour - Kingston Harbour is the seventh largest natural harbour in the world. There's a lot to see - you see downtown from the Waterfront, all the city lights, and it's the same party atmosphere - ample food and ample drinks."




"It's a fabulous, different way to celebrate your birthday with your friends. A lot of people are warming up to that," said Gallimore.

For birthday groups, every 10 tickets purchased incurs one free and patrons are allowed to bring cake, decorative balloons, etc. The birthday girl or boy is also serenaded by the crew.

Loose Cannon also offers private charters and events and is suitable for office parties, bachelor parties, family reunions, etc.

For the Friday night tour, tickets cost $6,000 for Jamaican residents and US$65 for foreigners. Maiden Cay Sundays tickets currently cost $7,500 for locals and US$85 for foreigners. Children tickets for both tours cost $4,000.

Tickets are available at Ribbiz Ultra Lounge, Sweetwood Jerk, and on the Loose Cannon at the dock. You can also visit or call 495-2222. WhatsApp:


"It's a long-term project, and we're just trying to build it and make it better and better everyday," said Gallimore.