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BM Auto takes Hagley Park Road

Published:Friday | June 8, 2018 | 12:00 AMMickella Anderson
The BM Auto team (from left): Kenay Myres, sales rep; Romaine Miller, marketing manager; Shinoy Tape, marketing intern; Tumor 'Bigry' Moses, CEO; and Rory Holness, sales rep.
Romaine Miller, Tumor 'Bigry' Moses and Rory Holness represent BM Auto Sales Ltd.
BM Auto Sales Ltd is aiming to bring outstanding service to the industry.

Hagley Park Road is famous for being home to several car dealerships and auto-parts shops, but one young business is still hell-bent on making its mark right there.

BM Auto Sales is the name of the company whose letterhead will show '24 Hagley Park Road' as its address. The young company is owned by Tumor 'Bigry' Moses and operated by the 28-year-old college graduate and his associates, all under 30 years old.

"When it comes to business, location is very important. Hagley Park Road is a car, business hub with car marts, auto parts, etc," he told Automotives.

Bigry attended Munro College from 2002 to 2009. "I was the deputy head boy there before I went to the University of the West Indies, where I did a degree in accounting," he said. "I thought accounting was my passions until car sales took over."

He hails Jaimie Holness (co-director of the business) for being instrumental in the formation of his passion-turned-reality. "That's my best friend," he said.


Friends who do business


It is often said that business does not mix well with pleasure, but like Jamie, Bigry's other closest associates are his business partners and employees in the venture.

"This business is a friendship. All of us who work together are the best of friends. It's not like money put us together; we are passionate about the friendship and passionate to see everybody succeed and have something in life," he said.

"When it comes to nine to five - professionalism. We all know that when it's work time, it's work time. When we're home or we're at the bar, we're good because we're friends, but when it comes to our work, we ensure that the customer is satisfied and we get our profit," Bigry added.

About the location of the business and the competition it brings, the entrepreneur said, "We all have the same set of cars (on Hagley Park Road), but we have to make sure that our cars are cleaned up properly [and] displayed properly and our prices are competitive."

"We have been doing car sales for the past three years. However, we registered the business in April 2017, and then we got the physical location 10 months ago," he added.

Seemingly undaunted by the competition, Bigry affirmed: "In marketing, there are four Ps - promotion, place, price and product. We know we have to introduce our product and promote it everywhere. We have to physically bring the car to the person's eyes, we can't just sit down and wait."

With services like buying, selling, sourcing and servicing cars, Bigry is confident that his business will blossom.

"We are young, but we still have to ensure that we try to beat the competition and know the demand of the customers. If a customer comes in and says he wants a car and we don't have the car, we find it, source it and purchase it."

Sales and Marketing Manager Romaine Miller added, "We also offer a three-month warranty on engine and transmission for the vehicle."

For the future, Bigry envisions "continuous growth [and] continuous expansion". He continued, "We are planning on having other branches in Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. We have a far way to go, and we're learning every time. Look out for us."