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Denniston Graham - Racing in Super Street and advancing through motorsports

Published:Sunday | February 10, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Denniston Graham and step-son, Ibrahim at Dover Independence of Speed 2018.
Graham at Heroes of Speed in 2018.
Graham (centre) and Team Apex Racing.

“My dream has always been to race at Dover.”

Industrial engineer and circuit racer Denniston Graham fulfilled his dream when he entered Circuit Racing two years ago through the Super Street programme at Dover. He now does all four Dover meets for the year.

Graham described the Super Street programme as a developmental programme designed to introduce aspiring drivers to motorsports. It allowed him to ease into Circuit Racing despite not having a car with a roll cage at the time. Graham told Automotives that he is now in a collaborative process with Tasmania Motorsports to build his own race car in hopes of advancing. “My aim this year is to participate in the Improved Production bracket class and Modified Production Class,” he said

Pushing through challenges to advance

Currently, Graham races with team Apex Racing in Dover’s Super Street class. Despite the time and financial challenges that tend to accompany the pursuit of motorsports in Jamaica, he is determined to continue his avid participation in the sport. Though stating that drag racing was the easiest form of motorsports to enter, the driver cited Circuit Racing as his favourite, despite also wanting to enter Rally: “I enjoy Circuit Racing the most. I would like to expand to participating in sprints and driving in Rally. Right now, I navigate in Rally. Where, Rallying and sprints are concerned, those are off-road, so it does have more of a toll on the car itself, so it is way more expensive to participate in. So Circuit Racing right now is my passion.”

The weighty expenses are described as a mere consequence of the beloved hobby. “It is as expensive as any hobby could be. If you’re really serious about it, it does come with a cost.” At the 2018 Heroes of Speed, Graham earned a second and first place in races two and three of the Super Street class, respectively. He missed race one due to technical difficulties.

Working in the Super Street programme

The previously mentioned Super Street programme assists drivers like Graham in preparing for race meets. Apparently, the programme is aiming to have at least one track day per month this year. “In the past, we ensured that we had at least two track days before a meet, so at least one the week before, and two weeks before that, we’d have had another one. So my usual programme would be to attend as many track days as I can, and when there’s a race meet, I get to the track at least a day before so that I can get settled in,” Graham said.

To anyone entering motorsports, Graham strongly recommends approaching it with an open mind. “Come in with an open mind and a willingness to learn because even with the Super Street programme, it’s not just about racing. I believe from this programme, it has actually helped me with how I even drive on the nation’s roads, so I really do encourage people to come. Even if you don’t intend on actually racing, come to the Super Street track clinics.” He mentioned that dates for the clinics would be updated on the JDRC Facebook page as well as through Instagram and WhatsApp.

Upcoming event

The current race car, a Daihatsu Mira with 1,000cc turbo charge, is in the process of being changed to a Daihatsu Charade, the car Graham considers more suitable for racing. The intention is to take it to the April 2019 Carnival of Speed event: “I actually have a YouTube vlog, where it’s all documented so that everyone can get to see how to build a race car and everything that it entails.” The channel can be found under ‘Denniston Graham’ on YouTube.