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Lamar Larmond – in the limelight of motorsports

Published:Sunday | February 17, 2019 | 12:00 AMKajamba Fitz-Henley/Automotives Writer

Most Jamaican motorsports fans would readily name 25-year-old Lamar Larmond as one of the young stars currently creating excitement in the country’s circuit racing. Larmond grew up in Grand Cayman, where he started go-karting at six years old. However, racing in the big leagues for Jamaican motorsports started much later, in 2015. “It was the year that I actually bought my first race car – it was a regular car then. I took it up as a race car to start the 2016 racing year.”

The car in question is a 1986 Toyota Corolla, which the University of Technology, Jamaica graduate in mechanical engineering made his own modifications on. “What I did was make as many upgrades as possible, different types of engines, [including] installing a Honda engine, one of my favourites. I’m really comfortable with that car at the moment,” he said. He revealed that his supportive team, A-One Equipment Rental, assists him in areas that are not so easily worked on.

Passion for racing that drives him

“I can say racing is in my blood because it started from my dad. Words can’t even really explain, but racing is pretty much my safe haven. I try my best with it, no matter what,” said Larmond. The young man enthusiastically described the passion that takes over when he is positioned behind the wheel. “Especially with the car that I’m in now, the beauty about it is that when you put on a helmet, it’s just a totally different place – you’re in your own world. Once you put on the helmet and the suit, you just focus on the game plan.”

Being on the track is almost an indescribable feeling to relay for Larmond as he appreciates all the elements that are combined to execute a race. “It’s really something that challenges my mind and also challenges me physically, so it’s really good,” he said.

Larmond even hopes to extend his passion to international racing one day. “As much as I grew in circuit racing here, I’d love to be exposed to the more international market when it comes to racing,” he said.

Racing is intended to be a long-term practice: “the passion that I have is like a big flame, and I don’t think that flame is going to be out for now,” Larmond added.

He currently races in the Modified Production (MP) 2 and Improved Production (IP) 3 classes at Dover meets, though he mentioned possibly taking a Mitsubishi Evolution to the track in the Modified Production 4 class at Jamwest.

Recent and upcoming events

Speaking on his most recent event 2018 Heroes of Speed, where he earned third place in the MP2 class, Larmond described it as “a fair meet” despite some issues.

“In, I think, the third race of the day, I got into a small collision, which caused an engine failure. So it kind of made my day fall short, but it was a good day overall.”

On overcoming such faulty challenges in racing, Larmond toldAutomotives: “everything now is a learning curve because I’m young in the circuit racing, but if there is a situation where something went wrong – like something mechanically – we note that so that the next time, we can get it fixed. We also walk with our spare to make a quick fix in case of anything. In-between the races, it really comes down to the full maintenance [of the car]. We try and ensure that everything is okay. It’s continuous work because it is really a learning curve for me.”

Larmond’s next event will be Dover’s Carnival of Speed on April 21 and 22. “I am looking forward to that because we have a lot of new modifications for the Corolla, and I’ll possibly be driving the Mitsubishi also.”

After that, Larmond plans to compete in the Caribbean Motor Racing Championship, scheduled for May at Jamwest.