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CDCR planning to excite again

Published:Sunday | July 14, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Preview of the trail from Summer event.
Patrons lyming at the previous event.
Interior of a UTV.
Matthew Lee enjoying himself.
Members of the CDCR crew (from left) Dr Kemoi Reid, Shandean Reid, Daneal Hall, Shomari Dillon, Dwayne Buckley, Roxine Wynter, Tavar Mighty (Founder), Wade Lewin and Vickeshia Young.
UTVs ready for the trail.
utility task vehicle (UTV).
Location of event

Chill, Drink, Chat, Ride (CDCR)is in its third staging, and this time, the promoters want to make the experience even more engaging. “We are trying to create the ultimate adult playground, so we have added a paintball arena. We have added a few more features to the chill concept so patrons will be able to lyme and participate in dominoes, beer pong, and Kalooki,” stated organiser Tavar Mighty.

What makes this event stand out from others is the utility task vehicle (UTV), which are four-wheel drive off-road vehicles that can carry two to six persons.

Mighty expounded on the concept, saying, “ everyone is usually wowed when they experience the thrill of driving or being a passenger in our UTVs. Many have seen them on TV or the internet but never had the opportunity for the experience provided at CDCR as we keep it safe but guarantee excitement. So as expressed by many of our patrons, this is one thing they had on their bucket list.”

The last event was held at Bog Walk, where patrons got the opportunity to drive UTVs through the orchard, which is also used by rally car drivers. In addition, the lyming aspect of the event was set up beside a river, giving patrons the opportunity to cool down.

Going back to the roots

This time, the organisers are taking the event back to its original location in Ewarton, St Catherine. “It is not a move back per say. CDCR is trying to promote a series of events for the year at different locations. We have the original event in my hometown White House, Ewarton, and the second at Tru-Juice, Bog Walk, both located in St Catherine. The White House location has a completely different terrain, hence patrons will have a different riding experience from that of Bog Walk,” revealed Mighty.

The experience is something very new to the Jamaica party scene as it mixes an offroad element with the traditional party scene that involves alcohol and food. As such, patrons have developed a high expectation for the event, and with the sweltering summer heat, they will also expect to stay cool.

“We are prepared to cool down our patrons by providing coverage by Redbull tents and umbrellas, using industrial fans and providing cooling mist blowers throughout the venue by NexTech Network Solutions.”

An event of this magnitude comes with many lessons, and Mighty believes that his team has been making adjustments to ensure that they deliver a quality product.

“We have made some changes to our ride area so as to provide a better flow. Also, we found that our coconut stand was a big hit and works out perfect in cooling our patrons down, so we have some improvements there.”

The group has also expanded its sponsorship list to ensure that it can deliver on its promises to patrons. “Jabba Swims and Zedoj Events are now on board for this CDCR. However, we have our main sponsor, Bush Trails Excursion Tours, as well Red bull, P & L Racing, NexTech Network Solutions, Jabba Swims, Tia’s Fruity Thrillz, and Fast nation.”