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Sacrifice is the greatest investment when starting a business

Published:Sunday | June 6, 2021 | 12:05 AMToriann Ellis - Contributor
Wayne Green
Wayne Green
Wayne Green in front of his business.
Wayne Green in front of his business.

Starting a business is truly an obstacle course as there are several levels that must be unlocked to reach the destination. Also, huge sacrifices must be made to reap the just reward.

Wayne Green, the owner of Spray Box, is a prime example of what that really means. He didn’t grow up with his parents, and so learning a trade was the way to escape poverty. “At first I wanted to learn mechanics, but I didn’t like the grease and how messy the job could be, so I opted for spraying cars.”

“After learning the trade, I wanted to start my own business, so I went to the bank to apply for a loan. However, I didn’t get through, but by the time I left the bank, I got a call that someone wanted to buy my car. I believed that this was God’s doing because I didn’t even advertise the vehicle, yet this is what paved the way for the launch of my business.”

He added that he has been in the industry for 18 years but said that he wants to expand his business. “I want to expand my company, and despite the challenges, I believe in myself. Also, the longer it takes is the more experience and knowledge I will gain, and I’m not in any rush, so I know this dream of mine will come to fruition.”

“When I got the place to set up my business I said to myself that even if I don’t make a great sum of money, because of the small size of the business, I’m still going to build a good reputation for this company,” he shared.

He highlighted that his main priority was to create a name for his business and buy the tools needed to operate the company. “I wanted to ensure that the business remains credible because this is the only way that the company will grow.”

Green added that while operating the company, he has taught a few youth, and many of them have been able to practise what they have learned on their own. “From time to time, I always have youths training, but it’s rough because to learn a trade is not easy money. You have to work hard so you can pay yourself.”

“What I observe now is that young people are not motivated to be in this field because they want to earn the money immediately, but it’s bigger than that. You have to be passionate about it and not get caught up in the hype or material things.”

But, despite this, he stated that he wants good funding and a proper location for his business. “I also want to be able to inspire youths of where I am coming from and let them know that having a business is possible, but they have to put in the work in order to reach that stage.”

He said that for him to achieve this goal, the work environment needs to be fun so that while the young people are working, they can still enjoy themselves. “I think that’s the way to get youths to grasp this process because the dynamics of youths are different. They easily get bored, so the workspace needs to be inviting to make them want to come back.”

He advises entrepreneurs whose businesses are struggling to remain operational, to stay within their means and believe and invest in their business. “This is the approach I take towards my business, and it has really contributed to the success of my business.”

“I take my work personally so that no one has any negative remarks to say about my company because I know the value of what words can do. It can build or break your business, so I ensure that my work is done properly and is recommendable,” he affirmed.

He further mentioned that persons who are seeking to start their business should make sacrifices because if they don’t, they won’t value their business. “While in the business industry I try to keep a clean and pure heart. I try not to talk down on anybody else’s business because I have identified that with the number of vehicles in Jamaica my business alone cannot cater to all of them.”