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Pairman selling customer tracking service to companies

Published:Wednesday | November 11, 2015 | 8:16 PMNeville Graham
Andrew Pairman, managing director of Anbell Group of Companies.

Andrew Pairman's marketing company Intelligent Multimedia Limited has bought the Caribbean rights to an online data collection and aggregating tool from its Australian developers, and is pitching the service to large businesses as a way to track and learn more about their clientele.

Through SocialFiJA, Intelligent Multimedia proposes that companies use the offer of free Wi-Fi service to prod their customers into signing a registration form and disclose their social media subscriptions. The prompt will take the form of a pop-up alert on their mobile devices when they physically enter the company's 'hotspot' or posted signs.

By registering, customers are agreeing that the company can collect data on them from their social media page.

For a monthly fee starting at US$225 per month, SocialFiJA will do the data collection, which companies can access and analyse to develop their marketing programmes. The targeted include email addresses, age, gender and profession.

Access to the data will be confined to the company in whose establishment the sign-ups occurred.

"Before you go and enjoy free Wi-Fi at any establishment you have to like their Facebook page; and you log into social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram at the click of a button, and when you do that your information from social media is pulled into a database," said Pairman.

To facilitate the SocialFiJA operation, businesses are encouraged to set up a wireless router in their establishment. For very large operations with multiple floors, repeaters are installed. Through the use of a dedicated web page or what Intelligent Multimedia refers to as a 'dashboard', customers can also be monitored while inside the place of business for duration of stay, browsing habits and preferences.

So far, after testing, Pairman has installed SocialFiJA at four locations: three gaming operations belonging to Supreme Ventures Limited at Barbican and Cross Roads in Kingston and Montego Bay; and at the tax office at Constant Spring Road in Kingston. Intelligent Multimedia, which is a member of Pairman's Anbell Group of Companies, is in talks with other large establishments that could add another 20 locations to SocialFiJA's network, he said.

With the acquired information each business is in a position to engage in more targeted marketing through advertisings specials or specially designed specific products and services. Companies can also maintain contact with customers who have not visited their business for a long time, he said.

Still, the Anbell founder and managing director is downplaying privacy issues, saying that SocialFiJA's mode of obtaining information is no different from logging on to people's Facebook pages.

"It's all public information," he said. "We're not pulling any information from them. All of that is already on the public forum on Facebook."

Pairman is using Jamaica as a testing ground for the service ahead of a Caribbean roll-out. The specifics of the deal with SocialFi Australia have not been disclosed, nor the amount of resources Intelligent Multimedia is putting into the venture.

"The investment is significant but for a lot of reasons we would rather not say how much," he said.

Intelligent Multimedia is promoting SocialFiJA as a cutting edge marketing customer relationship management tool.

"SocialFiJA will change the way businesses communicate with customers and definitely impact their business in a positive fashion," said Pairman.

"Our promise to our clients is to provide an easy-to-use interface with detailed and powerful information. The next generation of marketing has landed in Jamaica," he said.