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New lottery game to raffle a car each week

Published:Tuesday | November 17, 2015 | 12:00 AMTameka Gordon

ATL Automotive has partnered with lottery company Supreme Ventures Limited (SVL) and new comer RAFFPROM Limited to launch a raffle in which winners get a chance to snag a car each week.

The new game, to be sold through SVL network of lottery terminals, offers the chance to win either a Volkswagen or Honda motor car, with one car raffled per week.

The tickets for the 'Win dem Wheelz' game will go on sale starting Sunday, November 22. The ticket prices were not disclosed ahead of an official launch of the game that was scheduled for last night.

"It's a new lottery. When somebody goes to a Supreme Ventures lottery stand, they can buy a ticket to win a car as well. There will be a car given away every week for the foreseeable future," ATL General Manager Matthew Cripps told the Financial Gleaner.

SVL Vice-President for Group Corporate Communications, Sonia Davidson, said the company's only role in the new game is ticket sales with the costs for each car and marketing being borne by ATL Automotives and game developer RAFFPROM.

RAFFPROM was incorporated in August of this year as a promotion and sporting event production company. Its shareholders and directors are Wayne Nasralla, Conrad George and Peter Heppell, each of whom owns one-third of the company.

The fledgling company is said to own the proprietary rights to the game.

"SVL's responsibility is to provide the distribution network. We have raffle software on our terminal and they are using that software in order to run the raffle," said Davidson.

The lottery company had a raffle in 2012 through its subsidiary Supreme Ventures Foundation, which helped raise funds for Jamaica's Olympic team. This same software "has been made available to ATL," for the car raffle, Davidson said.