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Making internet income in Jamaica

Published:Thursday | January 28, 2016 | 6:06 PM

If you have Internet access, a computer, and a strong work ethic, there are fantastic opportunities to make money online, working from home, right here in Jamaica.

You can work online full time if you are unemployed. Or, if you just want to earn some extra cash, you could opt for a part-time online gig. You decide what works for you based on your unique situation.

What this column aims to do is make you aware of some online money-making possibilities for your career.

According to Alicia Lyttle, CEO of Internet Income Jamaica, "Just by having an Internet connection and a little bit of knowledge, knowing what sites to go on, you can really make money on the Internet from the global economy."

This has to be great news for countless Jamaicans who can't migrate to seek better employment opportunities. What the Internet provides is the opportunity to stay right at home and earn US dollars.

Lyttle, whose company offers a series of 'Internet income boot camps', pinpoints the major obstacles preventing many Jamaicans from taking advantage of Internet income opportunities.

"Today, people are so afraid to learn how to make money online because they are afraid it's too good to be true or that the opportunity is a scam, or that it could happen for other people but not for them."

The fear identified by Alicia Lyttle is justified. Many Jamaicans including this writer have been scammed. And you know the saying: Once bitten, twice shy.


However, despite my scepticism born of painful experience, I decided to attend the 'Amazon Publishing Bootcamp' put on by Internet Income Jamaica, recently.

It was for writers who want to make money publishing their short stories, novels, non-fiction books, and other creative works through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). It was taught by an American expert on the topic, Joshua Montoya. I hope to share my training experience with you in a future article.

What you will find interesting and valuable, right now, is a surprise discovery that I made at the workshop: There are many Jamaicans quietly making a decent living, working on the Internet. These weren't IT pros. They were ordinary, everyday people like you and me.

At the class, I met the vivacious 68-year-old retiree Cherrel Robinson, for instance. Cherrel freelances as a ghostwriter of children's short stories and does editing on online job sites,, and

Robinson said: "I could survive on my pension. I only took up freelancing because I had so much free time and I love to write short stories for children. It's my gift. I researched Internet Income Jamaica after seeing Alicia on television. After two months, I decided to take the freelancing boot camp."

It's a special feeling, she said, making money doing work she loves. She has been earning up to $US1,000 monthly and is now looking to self-publish. Her experience was far from unique.

Other Internet income earners are working as transcribers, virtual assistants, voice actors, social media managers, and much more.

I recommend that you check out the above websites and the boot camps offered by Internet Income Jamaica. You might discover your own Internet income opportunity right here at home in Jamaica.

n Glenford Smith is a motivational speaker and success strategist. He is the author of 'From Problems to Power' and co-author of 'Profile of Excellence'. Email: glenfordsmith