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Are you a grasshopper or a giant killer?

Published:Sunday | November 22, 2015 | 12:00 AM

"For as he thinks in his heart, so is he..." Proverbs 23: 7a

We cannot have success until we begin to see ourselves as God sees us. Many times we tend to forfeit our purpose, because we often see ourselves as grasshoppers rather than giant killers! Fear can cause us to paint a negative picture of ourselves. It allows us to compare ourselves with others and come up with negative results.

For example, when the children of Israel were given the land, they started to describe themselves as grasshoppers, comparing themselves with the giants. They even convinced themselves that this is how the enemy saw them.

How do you see yourself? Do you consider yourself a failure, a loser, broken or insignificant? How do you think God sees you? You would be surprised! YOU ARE A GIANT KILLER! How do you think the enemy sees you?

The main fact that the enemy is influencing you to see yourself in a negative light is an indication that the enemy fears you and sees you as a potential giant killer.

It is not about what those around you think of you. The important thing is what God thinks about you!

You will never leave where you are until you decide who you are. Stop looking at where you are and at your past or present circumstances. Start looking at where and who you should be. If you see yourself as a grasshopper, you will indeed become a grasshopper. If you see yourself as a giant killer, then you will be a giant killer.

You have to see yourself by faith what you want to be before the manifestation comes. By creating a positive picture, you are allowing the manifestation of the unseen to be seen. Don't for one minute think that because you don't see something, it does not exist. In that case the wind does not exist!


Maintain focus


Never focus on what you lack, focus on what you got! What you've got can create far more than what you lack.

In II Kings 5, the woman was focusing on her lack while she was ignoring what she had. The little oil she had could take her out of debt and create a massive breakthrough!

Never focus on your lack more than what you've got! Begin to take stock - do an inventory.

A person may not qualify for much when they apply for a particular job or office, however, there are gifts and talents they possess that can create greater wealth than what they were pursuing in the first place.

A grasshopper mentality thinks about past hurts, past failures, past mistakes and is overwhelmed with fear which stops them from moving forward! They are like politicians who are always speaking about their past achievements or what the opposition did in the past.

When we begin to speak about our past more than our present or future, then our future becomes our past and then we will see the same cycles over and over in our lives. Could it be that politicians focus on their past successes and the oppositions' past failures to keep people from recognising the present nonsense in which they engage?

Regardless of what evil has been done to you, the only way that it will be a part of your future is if you allow yourself to be consumed by bitterness and unforgiveness. The enemy cannot be a part of your future unless you bring them into it. It's not worth it to allow your thoughts to dwell on your enemy!

The reason we can't even break the back of crime is that there is greater focus on the obstacle rather than the opportunity. Grasshoppers focus on the obstacles and hindrances. Giant killers turn their obstacles and hindrances into opportunities for promotion.

When the crime rate increases, more gated communities are built. There is more security and unnecessary walls are erected.

Begin to focus on the 'land' - your victories! Stop focusing on your past relationships, those failed relationships. It will blind you from seeing your bright future!

There are many in the Bible! God saw Jeremiah as a prophet to nations, but he saw himself as a youth who was not as qualified as other prophets. Moses saw himself as ineloquent. Gideon - a deliverer; God saw him as a mighty man of valor. He saw himself as the least. So the moment we push past our negative thoughts on how we see ourselves, then we will walk into God's purpose for us.

There are many problems globally which await the solution within you! You are a GIANT KILLER!

- Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.