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Patria-Kaye Aarons: Pork is back on the menu!

Published:Monday | December 28, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Those who read my column know that I have no secrets and that my life and all the characters therein are fair game. You will recall in March that I professed undying love for a Seventh-day Adventist Rastaman (a combination only I could find); and that a consequence of our pairing was a cease-and-desist order against my pork-eating ways. At the time, pork was the hardest thing to give up; however, it was a sacrifice I thought minor in exchange for the possibility of happily ever after.

Well folks, di party done, and just in time for Christmas ham!

He and I have since acknowledged that our love was not the forever kind, and I was free to have a diet of my choosing. My pork reintroduction was downright disgraceful in hindsight. The menu the very next day consisted of bacon for breakfast, two Mother's pork patties for lunch, stew peas with pig's tail for dinner, and a grilled cheese and ham sandwich as my late-night snack. I may have gone a little overboard ... .and my hips hate me for it.

Blissfully satisfying

After depriving myself of something I loved for so long, indulgence felt blissfully satisfying. It has set the stage for my 2016 commitment to myself. I will do more of the things I love and eliminate the things I don't. Twenty-sixteen is the year of the Happy Patria.

Marcia Woon Choy of Action Coach spent the past 17 weeks drilling into my head an awareness about just how limited and finite my time is. She impressed upon me the notion that I should make a conscious effort to make the best use of the precious commodity and actively choose to do one thing over another. She made me aware that every time I decided to do something, I was deciding to not do something else that could be of equal or even greater importance. In 2016, my life will be governed by the question, "Is this the best use of my time?"

It will apply to everything. The people I choose to interact with socially, the events I go to, my tasks at Sweetie, what I lose sleep for, how I schedule my day - everything! In 2016, I'll be running a social experiment of sorts. If it doesn't make me happy or set the foundation for my happiness, I just won't do it. For every last action I take in 2016, if I can't readily see how it will contribute to a happier Patria, it will either get delegated or it won't get done.

'Life is short'

No truer statement was there ever than "Life is short". I already am, generally, a happy person, but next year, I'm pushing the happy quotient even further. When life ends, I must go having done all and learnt all I want to and with my jaw in pain from laughing so hard so often.

I challenge you to be happier next year. To find those pleasurable things that are worth your time and do them more. For my mummy, that thing is gardening; for my friend Kwasi; it's building things. For my best friend Wendi, it's watching sports; for the Seventh-day Adventist Rastaman, it's being of service to the deaf. I firmly believe that happiness is a choice. Choose things and people that make you happy.

I'm committing to salsa dancing more. That makes me happy. I'm committing to going to the beach more. That makes me happy. Next year, I will travel more and take more road trips. I will cook more and spend more time with my family. And finally, I'm committing to finding a man I can share pork with. That will make me happy.