Thu | Oct 21, 2021

Editorial | So now it’s our wall, Mr Trump?

Published:Tuesday | April 25, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Three months into his presidency, Donald Trump is hopelessly stuck in campaign mode.

Mr Trump, billionaire and celebrity that he is, has not sobered up from the ecstasy of promising milk, honey and streets of gold. His bluster about building a "super-duper" US$10-billion, 2,000-mile-long border wall with Mexico may, if the bill passes, accommodate a funding plan to exact a two per cent tax on remittances from countries, including Jamaica. So much for Mexico paying every cent.

More trusted estimates put Mr Trump's wall at more than US$20 billion and it is widely accepted that it will have little effect on illegal immigration. But he has shown himself immune to wise counsel.

To avert what has become a ritual threat of a shutdown of the United States government, Mr Trump, temporarily he says, backed down yesterday from his spending spree in a bid to pass the budget.

If Mr Trump doesn't get off his ridiculous wall fantasy, Humpty Dumpty may soon have company.