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John Brown | Politicians are the link

Published:Wednesday | June 5, 2019 | 12:00 AM

I have been a member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force for almost 19 years and I have taken keen note of the comments made by the prime minister, The Honourable Andrew Holness, on May 29, 2019 at the 76th annual Joint Central Conferences of the Jamaica Police Federation, in which he suggested that the link between the police and dons is the main inhibitor to solving Jamaica’s crime problem.

I must concede that there is undoubtedly a stinking link between police and criminals. There are even police-criminals, but for the PM to go on a platform, as an invited guest of the police and suggest that the reason for the exacerbation and perpetuation of crime in Jamaica is the link between police and dons is gross misconduct. I wish the days of shandy bottles were still in play.

I wonder if the PM knows that even though the police might be a more vulnerable target, the link between politicians, dons and their cronies is much stinker than that of the police, so much that it would be impossible not to smell, even if you have removed your olfactory nerve.


- Every constituency has a government MP and an Opposition MP. In the garrisons, the dons control the voting patterns. Is the PM saying that the police are the ones who cause the dons to choose the PM through their controlled subjects, the enslaved voters?

- When the dons get government contracts, is it the police who give them these contracts?

- When the dons and their cronies get locked up by the police, aren’t they sometimes defended by the same lawyers who pass the laws?

- How can a legislator sit in the House (upper and lower) on Tuesday or Wednesday, ranting about murders and sex crimes and influencing the laws governing these crimes, and by Thursday they are in court valiantly defending a double murderer, a serial rapist or a paedophile?

- Are the police the ones building houses for these dons and their cronies?

- Are the police the ones handing out large paper bags of money to these dons to “feed the dogs”?

- Are the police the ones paying high-priced ‘criminal lawyers’ to defend them when they are charged (by the police)?

- Are the police the ones getting them out of the country when they get too ‘hot’?

- Are the police the ones who build roads and provide utilities in informal forbidden places for dons and their cronies to hide and thrive?

- Aren’t the politicians the ones giving the criminals the resources, while starving the police so that they become susceptible to the influence of the dons?

- Do the politicians think that Jamaicans are absolute idiots to think that they preside over communities infested with dons, criminals and criminality but they don’t know anything about it?

- I guess they all take us for ‘big head bud’ and claffy.

I must admit, though, that while I will agree with the PM that criminality is present and rooted in the police force, he has no kind of authority whatsoever to comment vehemently on the matter. Let other people and entities do it. What he must do is lead by example: rid his Government of the corruption that stinks all the way to Antarctica; separate himself and his MPs and friends from the criminals and the dons and stop financing and protecting them.

Having done that, he would have got the authority to persecute the police for their role in crime; but until then, he should not be drawing attention to his folly. Let other agencies and individuals carry out the crucifixion of the police for their role in the crime situation.

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