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Jaristotle's Jottings | The plague of the three monkeys’ syndrome

Published:Thursday | June 6, 2019 | 12:00 AM

As a result of the nationwide plague of the three monkeys’ syndrome – see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil – we are constantly inundated by meaningless political rhetoric on burning issues and a drought of corrective action. While evildoers have been integral to and associated with our political parties, our political leaders have only shown strength for evil and corruption outside of their own party. Until we rid ourselves of these three unprogressive monkeys, evil and corruption will reign supreme.

Last week, while addressing the Police Federation’s 78th Annual Conference, the prime minister (PM) spoke to the ‘triple threat of dons, gangs, and guns’, challenging the police hierarchy to ‘weed out rogue cops who collude with criminal actors in the underworld’, adding that until we separate the dons from their friends in the police force, Jamaica won’t be able to address the crime situation.

Well said, PM. The truth is the truth – even if it is only a fraction of the big picture truth. What he did not say was that until we separate the dons from their friends in the political parties, Jamaica won’t be able to progress beyond corruption, crime, social decay and poverty.

Then there was the opposition leader bawling blue murder about corruption in government and calling ‘for Jamaicans to take a stand against corruption to ensure that integrity in public life is not pushed to the sidelines’.

Dem really tek wi fi idiot, these leaders of government and opposition parties indiscriminately flinging stones at others, all the while forgetting that if yuh live in a glass house don’t throw stone, and ignoring the biblical guidance, “let him who is without sin cast the first stone”.


It is common knowledge that Jamaican politicians, past and present, and on both sides of the divide, have been complicit in the maiming and killing of countless citizens of this country. Regardless of the reasons, such devious acts can never be good for the country or its citizens. But there they are, sitting in Parliament like fatted calves, blaming everyone else for the stink of evil and corruption that sits heavily upon us.

So heavily infected by the three monkeys’ syndrome have they become that the disease has mutated, now generating frightfully victimising symptoms: only see evil elsewhere, never in your backyard; only hear of evil when it takes place elsewhere; only speak of evil when others perpetrate it. Yes, our politicians are seriously infected by this mutation.

Abetting this infection is a nepotistic penchant for inaction under the guise of inquiring into allegations of corruption while allowing alleged perpetrators and their cronies to remain within arm’s length so as to muddy the already messy waters.

Trafigura and Petroscam came and went. Not once do I recall either leader calling on their fellow Comrades or Labourites to pack up and go. The Dudus extradition fiasco almost put the country on the brink of a localised civil war. Willie Haggart’s magnetism was electric even in death. Comrade Bebe was a key delegate in the west, while in the east a sitting MP dare not leave our shores for northern lands for fear of international interdiction.

Until the PM and the opposition leader start talking about evil and corruption within their respective parties; until they start cleaning house, they may as well remain mum on the issue of corruption. Not only are they being seriously lampooned, but their stance is heavily hypocritical.

Gentlemen, leaders political, let your actions be guided by the principles of right. Charity starts at home, where you can set Jamaica free by separating your parties and co-politicos from the dons, gangs and gunmen.

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