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Jerome King | Some things must just remain protected; it starts in the womb

Published:Saturday | July 27, 2019 | 12:00 AMJerome King/Guest Columnist

This letter I write on behalf of my mother whose wise 91 years on earth have spanned many generations. She was a pioneer in the male-dominated industry as a builder when there was no woman in that field. One thing I have noted with her, as she grew her three daughters, is what I call her ‘jeans every day except on Sunday’ rule.

On Sundays, she exuded the ultimate vision of ‘womanhood’. Over the years, she made sure we were independent thinkers in most things, while maintaining a lady-like behaviour. One of her loyal tradesmen said that he respected the fact that she did not swear, no matter how stubborn they were on the construction site. She takes being a woman seriously.

While experiencing the dramatic changes in existence from then till now, one thing that really bothers her is the degradation of women, by themselves and by men. She feels that women have got too liberal with themselves, trying too hard to be sexy. They have forgotten that they are modelling behaviour and attitude for those to come. As Steve Harvey, the American comedian, says, the only place ‘draws’ were seen was on the line when he was growing up. These days, both women and men care not about the fact that it is called ‘underwear’ for a reason.

The huge Sunday Gleaner headline, ‘Wombs for rent’ this past Sunday, July 21, 2019 has shaken her to the core. Not only the words, but the large in-your-face picture of the naked pregnant belly. You see, to her pregnancy is a sacred gift that should not be commercialised or sensationalised.

“Everything is different now. Standards have fallen’,’ she lamented. “Remember, pregnancy is a gift that only a woman can experience. It should be a protected experience. It is a time that a lady can feel special, protecting her young in the womb. This is not a ‘Google’ event. So if we don’t start protecting them during pregnancy anything goes for parenting.”

As an educator myself, I have seen the dive in parenting skills but do not blame only the millennials but our generation who were blindsided by income generation and qualification. Both she and I call it microwave parenting. The commercialisation of surrogacy now demeans what is a beautiful, feel-good event that can cause persons who cannot have children together to experience the joy of parenthood. Call her old-fashioned but some things must just remain protected. It starts in the womb.

Jerome King is a career educator, speaker, author and coach. This was written on behalf of Pearl King, her very astute mother. Email feedback to and