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Garth Rattray | The crotch crutch

Published:Monday | April 19, 2021 | 12:08 AM

It is a sad and serious indictment on our society that so many youngsters, and people in general, depend on one of our most basic/primal functions for survival and for self-esteem. This is especially true for some women within our inner cities. The dependence on their crotch for support, survival and/or professional advancement is heart-rending. For one reason or the other, some beyond their control, some children miss out on a good education and end up with very little or no skills. They turn to sex for money, food, protection, shelter, and old-age pension.

The crotch crutch is not hidden or subtle, little girls can be seen honing their skills by flirting and pairing up with men of all ages. They literally trade sex for favours and money. Some mothers encourage their under- or uneducated and unskilled girls to “… go ketch a man” for support when they can no longer assist their daughters financially. This cycle repeats itself across several generations and has (long ago) become an accepted norm within several communities.

Even some women within higher social and economic brackets depend on their crotch for support to acquire apartments, motor vehicles, higher education and job security/advancement. Although these stoosh women are not seen as ‘professional sex workers’ that stand on the street corners, work in certain kinds of establishments or use technology to make appointments for their clients, they trade sex for cash and kind anyway. They don’t realise that their actions cheapen all other women and set in motion a system that facilitates the exploitation of all women. It makes it more difficult for women to use their education, skills and talents to climb the ladder of success.


At every socio-economic level, women, more so than men, produce children for several reasons. Some do so just because of the urge to produce progeny. Some do so in order to fit in with their peers within their community. Some produce children as an investment in their future – to provide protection and financial support when needed later in life. And some only need someone to be responsible for managing their affairs and seeing to their disposal when they transition.

Men also use their crotch as a crutch to support their masculine ego. It is common to see some men intermittently checking their crotch as if to make certain that their genitalia are still intact and in place. It’s as if they need repeated assurance that all is well, perhaps they need constant reminding that they are still male, perhaps they want others to see that they possess something to hold on to; I don’t know, but I find it weird and gross.

Some men are dependent on their crotch to establish their manhood. They do not put much emphasis on the true hallmarks of a real man, like honesty, decency, being responsible, being a strong support, taking care of their children (emotionally and financially) and being a good citizen. Instead, they measure their masculinity by the number of conquests that they make and (sometimes) by their ability to impregnate the women who are silly or desperate enough to fall victim to their predatory sexual ways.

Some men use their crotch as a weapon to dominate women, and some get a sick thrill out of surreptitiously usurping the woman’s spouse in intimate matters, without the attendant responsibilities. They feel empowered by their ability to conquer women and add them to their long list of sexual exploits. It has nothing to do with love, affection, intimacy, or even sex; it’s only about inflating their puny and depraved egos.

It is very unfortunate that so many people use their crotch as an emotional and financial crutch when there is so much more to us human beings. Intimacy has its place, but abusing such a wonderful ability to show physical love and affection reduces it to an empty, meaningless and cold act.

Garth A. Rattray is a medical doctor with a family practice. Email feedback to and