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Jamaica Bar Association party for colleagues

Published:Monday | April 27, 2015 | 1:45 PMMarcia Rowe

There are a number of words or phrases that may be used to describe attorneys in general. They are wonderful orators, interpreters of the laws of justice, and in light of some high-profile cases such as the Tivoli Gardens commission of enquiry, they may also be considered celebrities.

However, it was their vulnerabilities and humanness that gave cause to members of the Jamaican Bar Association (JBA), through their social committee, to host a party specifically for members who have fallen on hard times.

The event, with its auspicious title, 'Out of Order', was put on "to assist fellow attorneys who happen to have difficulties in terms of medical issues that prevent them from continuing their practices fully. It is in keeping with the Bar's objective," said vice-president of the JBA, Sherry Ann McGregor

She further explained, "What we have is an intention to create an indigent fund so that attorneys who can no longer practice, because of ill health or other hardships, can get some assistance from the Bar, who will underwrite some of their expenses."

And so the party boasting a patchwork of dress codes was held in association with, and at, the ritzy intimate @Twentythree, located on the ground floor of the J. Wray & Nephew building in New Kingston. It was well supported, most of the patrons arriving an hour or so after the scheduled starting time at 10 p.m. But this was deliberate. As one patron said, "Parties usually get going after 10."

fun and merriment

But the fun and merriment truly began after midnight, because on their arrival, the early party revellers of the Bar went directly to the bar of the other kind. With drinks in hand, they proceeded to do what they do best - talk above uptempo songs, from Michael Jackson's Billie Jean, to Bennie Man's Wickedest Slam.

It was up to those who arrived later to make a case for the use of the dance floor. With help from some pulsating calypso songs, as well as beverages of all sorts, patrons danced up a storm on the dance floor, gyrating hips and swinging arms.

Among the partygoers was Kristopher Brown, who thought, overall, the event was a good one. He enjoyed the party and believed the venue was an appropriate choice. Brown also credited DJ Ritchie for playing some fine selections and commended the organisers for a job well done.

"I think it is good to give back, and the legal profession is one to give back. I am willing to give back, especially as it is for my colleagues," Brown said.

Out of Order has replaced one of two annual events on the JBA annual fundraising calendar. The event came about as a result of the Bar Association's drive to revive the Indigent Attorney Fund. The other event is usually held between September and November, and typically there is an entry fee, with the proceeds going towards assisting attorneys in need.

All the tickets for Saturday's all-inclusive party were sold. J. Wray & Nephew provided substantial discounts on liquor, while the finger food was provided by Chef Colin Hylton free of cost.