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ASHE in the summer culminates with HUSH...the children's musical

Published:Friday | July 31, 2015 | 2:13 PMShereita Grizzle

Although it got off to a late start guests who turned up to see HUSH-the children’s musical on Thursday waited patiently and by night’s end it was clear why. Produced by the ASHE performing arts group, the show held at the Vibes Theatre on Cargill avenue, (the home of ASHE) was a fitting end to their annual summer school programme as the children put on a show guests will not soon forget.
There was no denying the talent on display inside the venue. The ASHE members and the summer school participants captivated the audience from the opening number to the closing piece. As the parents in the audience watched their sons and daughters sing, dance and act they beamed with pride and whispers from the audience suggested that some were even surprised at how talented their children were. The production looked at the stories of three families coming into an understanding on children’s right and captured the essence of edutainment. The creative arts were used to school patrons on the challenges children face when they are denied basic human rights. “We have the right to an education, the right to be heard, the right to expression and the right to be loved and respected” was the message sent by the children.
Sundari Lynch and Le-Vein Moore also known by her stage name Xylophone were among the night’s standout performers. Both young ladies stood out as their performances both surprised and impressed the audience. Packing some serious vocal ability, the ladies delivered memorable performances that left the audience talking about them even after their stint on stage ended, some stating that both young ladies had bright futures ahead of them. The first half of the show featuring the children was awesome and guests would have been satisfied just seeing their children come alive on stage, however, ASHE had more in store and after a fifteen minute intermission, guests were treated to an entertainment package that truly was the ‘icing on the cake’.
On display in the second half of the show were the new faces of ASHE. Boldly declaring that when music hits, you feel no pain, the group thrilled the audience with a medley of songs. Hitting every note, the group performed their versions of some of Jamaica’s most popular reggae and dancehall hits including Marcia Griffiths’ Dreamland, Dennis Brown’s Should I and Beenie Man’s World Dance among others much to the audience’s delight. There was something in their performance for everyone. Patrons enjoyed the group’s selections so much that they could no longer remain seated, the power of good music took them out of their seats and had them dancing along to every beat. When it all ended the audience showed their appreciation with a standing ovation. Executive director, Conroy Wilson and the summer school co-ordinator Marlon Tomlinson thanked persons for coming out and encouraged them to spread the word about the summer programme as they hope to expand in 2016.