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Entertainers to Share Their Financial Journey to Success

Published:Wednesday | August 26, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Agent Sasco
Tyrone Wilson
D.J. Bambino

Entertainers Agent Sasco and DJ Bambino will sing a different tune as they take the stage of the JMMB Goal-Getter Live event, and share their financial journey to success and sound money management lessons. The event, which is set to take place today at 6 p.m. at Barbican Beach, also features eMedia Interactive CEO, Tyrone Wilson, who has built a successful interactive media company and has amassed several accolades behind his name, including: 50 Under-Fifty Business Leaders Shaping Jamaica's Future and the Prime Minister Youth Awardee in Entrepreneurship.

Popular songbird Denyque will join the line-up alongside DJ Narity, in providing a solid entertainment package.

The JMMB Goal-Getter Live event is designed to provide a fun and engaging way to inspire and motivate individuals to dream big, knowing that their dreams can become a reality with sound money management, planning and financial partnership.

The event, therefore, builds on the two-month-long web-based competition, JMMB Goal-Getter Challenge, which included a series of engaging challenges aimed at helping the more than 2,000 participants to plan for their financial goals, while learning ways to help them become better at money management, with JMMB as their financial partner. Participants perused the JMMB website, documented their financial goals, developed their budgets and had a free goal-planning session with a JMMB adviser, among other challenges.

During the JMMB Goal-Getter Live event, individuals will have the opportunity to engage the speakers in a live 30-minute social media session on Twitter and gain deeper insight into the secrets to their success.